A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
In Loving Memory
Bruce Mill
18th February 1969 - 13th January 2011

Bruce Mill grove

There's a very special garden

Where the trees of memory grow

Nurtured by the kindness

And concern that good friends show.

The roots are cherished memories

Of good times in the past

The branches tender promises

That souls endure and last.

It's a place of peace and beauty

Where bright new hopes can start

It's memory's lovely garden

That soothes the hurting heart.

Dear Bruce

Through this grove you will live on, not only in our memories and hearts, but in this beautiful land that you so admired.
I have such fond memories of our adventures, exploring new lands and watching you smile with happiness at the magnificence of the landscape before us. You always spoke in fondness of pine trees and the great towering giants of
the forest, their strength is how I will remember you, may you sweep through them like the wind, inhale their scent and find peace in their protection. I will miss your company, humour and friendship,
but will smile when I imagine these trees and think of you....

Rest in peace,

Love you,

Becky xxx

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge - myth is more potent than history - dreams are more powerful than facts - hope always triumphs over experience - laughter is the cure for grief - love is stronger than death.

Robert Fulghum

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Miss you little brother.
Hate that we can't speak anymore.
Look after us all and keep us safe.
Watch over Luca he'd have loved you.
Till I see your beautiful face again.
Love you TTMAB Always xxxx

Donated by Margaret and Charlie Loney

15th April 2019

Happy Birthday, our fifty year old Peter Pan

Donated by Mum and Dad

18th February 2019

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Donated by Mum & Dad

18th February 2018

Becky donationTattie passed today..
I told her you would look after her up there..
love to both of you xxx

Donated by Becky

5th October 2017

Donated by Mum & Dad

20th February 2017

Always in our hearts

Donated by Mum & Dad

25th February 2016

Miss you more each day

Donated by Mum and Dad

1st January 2015

Lost for words..that's a rare thing!
The trees speak for me....A Christmas gift to you xxx

Donated by Becky

12th December 2014

We miss you everyday,
love Mum and Dad, Craig, Millie and Joseph.

Donated by Alexander Mill

19th February 2014

Almost another year has gone by,
and you're never far from my thoughts mate.
Hope you're getting the VIP service up there and behaving yourself!

Donated by Rob Buckle

3rd January 2013

Happy christmas Bruce, miss you a lot.
Love, Mum and Dad

Donated by Alexander Mill

27th December 2012

A year has nearly passed since you left us....but you are still here...
your name is spoke fondly in stories, your endless payasadas make us smile,
your strength has taught us courage, but most of all....
your warmth and love has given comfort and reassurance,
you are watching over all of us, you have not gone, you are everywhere.
Sending you love and giant green smoke rings, your friend always, Becky xxx

Donated by Becky McGahern

10th January 2012

Missing you badly on this our first Christmas without you.
Love Mum & Dad

Donated by Alexander Mill

10th January 2012

I thought of you today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too......
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and a picture in a frame....
Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part.
Your up there high above but I have you in my heart.
To my special friend Bruce may you rest in peace.
With love Sam. xx

Donated by Samantha Couzens

13th September 2011

Hello mate,
keep the peace pipe fully stocked for my arrival.
Miss you man

Donated by Antony Higgins

22nd April 2011

One in a million, never forgotten.
With all our love,
Monica, Chris, Jack and John

Donated by Mrs M Hayward

11th April 2011

Bruce , we all miss you so much,
thanks for being a great friend.
All our love and wishes,
Dan Maria Tommy and Alfie Lamb

Donated by mr daniel j lamb

7th April 2011

Donated by Iain McRobbie

4th April 2011

God Bless Bruce
Love Carol & family

Donated by Carol Warner

29th March 2011

Cut em loose,
I Loved you with all my heart
Good bye for now, see you again 1 day son.
John, Carrie & Jake

Donated by John spindlow

7th March 2011

Dear Bruce
Although we cant see you,
we take some comfort in knowing that you are now at peace,
smiling and watching over everyone.
"Those friends we love dont go away, they walk beside us every day"
Sending our love to you today and always.
Nat, Wayne, Iris, Tony and family XXXXX

Dear God, please look after and love Bruce.
Lots of love Issey

Donated by Mr W P Eastmond

4th February 2011

Bruce will live on in all our memories.
We will carry him in our hearts.
Always and forever.
The Harris Family

Donated by Nathalie Harris

3rd February 2011

Donated by Susan Harris

1st February 2011

Wonderful son, great friend,
you will be forever in our hearts.

Donated by Mr A Mill

31st January 2011

We will always remember you Bruce,
you are sadly missed....
Rest in peace now Buddy, God bless...
Marc Leigh Samuel and Amy

Donated by Mr. M. Bruce

31st January 2011

Dear Bruce,
It was a pleasure knowing you,
your strength & courage will always inspire me.
Rest in peace,
love from laura xxx

Donated by Laura hart

31st January 2011

Dear Bruce,
When we all met at Zoe & Gareths wedding
& had that mad weekend in Wales,
Me & Emma knew that everytime we saw u & Bex
we would have a right laugh together &
a hangover would be guaranteed the next day.
My only regret is that we lost touch &
did not know what was happening during your last months.
I met a few of ur pals at ur wake yesterday &
it was clear u will be sorely missed mate.
Take care up there, say hello to every1 I know
get the kettle on.
rest in peace Bruce

love from Aaron Emma daisy & Evie x x

Donated by Aaron Dorn

31st January 2011

Dear Bruce never forgotten and always in hearts,
we will truly miss you, you were a great friend xx
Our Love always,
Ian, Claire, Thomas, Matilda & Lewis xx

Donated by Mrs C J Krinks

31st January 2011

Dear Bruce
A keen green fingered grower may your trees grow tall.
We will never forget you and our memories last forever
sweet dreams our dear friend.
Love Mitchell, Carrie, Byron and Sofia xxxx

Donated by Caroline Ford

31st January 2011

Dear Bruce,
As your beautiful trees grow big and strong...
we will know in our hearts that your spirit lives on.
Antonia xxx

Donated by Antonia Cooling

31st January 2011

Dear Bruce
You were a good friend to Phillip
and will always be in our thoughts.
Marion & John Pretty

Donated by Mrs M J Pretty

27th January 2011

Dear Bruce,
You will be truly missed but you are at rest now in the most amazing, spectacular place.
God bless you, Alex and Tariq xx

Donated by alexandria reid

27th January 2011

Rest in peace, Bruce.

From Neil and Andy

Donated by Mr N G Berryman

27th January 2011

Reach for the sky Bruce
Cecil & Family xx

Donated by celia law

26th January 2011

Dear Bruce
You will be missed by The Pretty family.
May you rest in peace.
Liz, Brad & Stanley

Donated by Miss E M Pretty

26th January 2011

Dedicated to our loving friend Bruce,
in memory of all the times we spent together.
Always missed, never forgotten.
May you live on in our hearts and minds and in your own Grove!
Love you

Steve, Caroline and Violet

Donated by Stephen Ford

26th January 2011

Donated by Mrs Mary McGahern

25th January 2011

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Bruce Mill's grove
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