Brian Pollock's memorial grove
17 June 1958 - 24 April 2010

Brian Pollock grove

To the world you were one person.
To one person you were the world.
A boy from Kelty missed by all who knew him.

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6 years - missing you isn't the problem - it's knowing your never coming back that's breaking my heart. Can't get used to living without you xx

Donated by Myra pollock

25th April 2016

Another Xmas - nearer to you than ever

Donated by Myra

14th December 2015

Will miss u until we're together again. Look after bramble and rowan and wait for me. Our time will come again. Sometime, someday, somewhere xx

Donated by Myra

24th April 2015

Missing you at Christmas as always

Donated by Myra pollock

17th December 2014

I wish you were here but you're not you're there - and there doesn't know how lucky it is. Miss you more each day 4 years without you x

Donated by Myra Pollock

18th April 2014

Remembering at Xmas Dum spiro ti amo xxxx Myra

Donated by Myra Pollock

20th December 2013

In memory of a much loved brother. Janis and Jacky Moore

Donated by Janis and Jacky Moore

22nd April 2013

I miss you a little too much A little too often And I miss you a little bit more each day 3 years of being without you xx Myra

Donated by Myra Pollock

22nd April 2013

Remembering at Xmas - real love never dies

20th December 2012

Another year of missing you to talk about you is to have you near and we talk about you all the time. Janis and Jacky

Donated by Janis Moore

24th April 2012

In memory of Brian 2 years on. Don't know how I keep going without you but to live in someone's heart is not to die. You live in my heart forever Miss you so much. Myra

Donated by Myra Pollock

19th April 2012

The lord watch over thee and me Whilst we are absent from one another Missing you on our 2nd Christmas apart with all my love Myra xxx

20th December 2011

It's not how long we held each others hand. What matters most is how well we loved each other. Its not how far we travelled on our way but what we found to say. Its not the springs we've seen but all the shades of green. Its not how long I held you in my arms. What matters is how sweet the years together. It's not how many summertimes we had to give to fall. The laughter and the tears I gratefully recall. What matters most is that we loved at all. For Brian from Myra who misses you more each day

Donated by Myra Pollock

22nd August 2011

Love from Barbara and Derek. Forever in our hearts and thoughts, you are with me always.

Donated by Barbara Smith

2nd May 2011

Mooning down on us from above, our 008 licence to make us smile and laugh. Always and Forever, Gail, Brian and Bracken x

Donated by Mrs Gail A Cunningham

7th April 2011

From mum laird You were one of the best. Miss you very much

Donated by Mrs Myra Pollock

28th March 2011

Janis and jacky Missing you

Donated by Mrs Janis Moore

28th March 2011

"A Tree for Life - That's what I am talking about". Miss you always, Anne and George

Donated by Anne Syme

7th March 2011

Donated by mrs myra pollock

28th February 2011

In memory of a brother who lives on in our hearts.

Donated by Janis Moore

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Brian Pollock's grove
Trees in this grove: 94

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