A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
To my Wonderful Nan,
Lily Duckworth

Lily Duckworth grove

I would like to dedicate this grove of trees in memory of
my Nan, Lily Duckworth.

This lady gave me my love of the natural world even though we had no car, she would take me to the local
museum in Blackburn to show me the various exhibits on display. I was always fascinated by the beetles and
many years later after a visit to Peru and finding my first Harlequin beetle,
I realised there was something familiar about it.
It was when we returned to the museum some time later that the memory came back to me and I saw the beetle in its case. I always wonder if my Nan ever thought that one day, her only grandchild would see these things in real life. She would also make me watch the World About Us programmes on the BBC.
The seed she planted has led me down many paths to many adventures and given me a
never ending interest and fascination of the natural world.
In this day and age, too many people are out of touch with the natural beauty around them
and take too much for granted.
We must endeavour to preserve and conserve this world, though very hardy it is a fragile place
 in the hands of man and there is no where else in the universe like it.
We only borrow this world from our children!

Thank you Nan for all your love and kindness and for teaching me so very much.

Your Grandson,

David Hilliard

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I think about you often Nan.

Donated by Dave Hilliard

13th July 2017

In memory of my Nan.

Donated by Dave Hilliard

21st December 2016

Thank You Nan, for all you gave me.

Donated by Dave Hilliard

11th February 2016

It was my Nan that taught me to appreciate the natural world about us. I world that none of us can do without and that we must never take for granted, but one that we must love and cherish forever.

Donated by Dave Hilliard

13th July 2015

Thank You Nan for giving me the ability to see the beauty in the natural world, to want to bring Love and Goodness into the world and the longing to share this with others. I sometimes wish I could show you the things I have seen.

Donated by Dave Hilliard

13th May 2014

I very often remenis about you Nan and I realise the love you showed and how you must have wondered what life held for me just as I now wonder these things when I look at my own son Joseph. Thanks Nan.

Donated by David Hilliard

16th April 2013

I think of my Nan each day, when I am putting my son to bed and especially when I see the natural beauty in the world of creation or even when I sit and watch a natural history programme on the BBC. Thank you Nan for all the appreciation you taught me to have. Your Grandson, Dave Hilliard

Donated by David Hilliard

29th January 2013

My Nan used to say that I was "a right chatterbox", she was right. She also used to say that "you will miss me when I am gone", and she was right about that too. She has been gone now longer than I ever knew her and I still miss her each day. I wish I could tell her of the things that I have done and of my own son Joseph, who himself is turning in to "a right chatterbox". I love you Nan and I am so greatful to you. Thank you. Your Grandson, David.

Donated by Dave Hilliard

5th March 2012

Donated by D.Hilliard

29th February 2012

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Lily Duckworth's grove
Trees in this grove: 55

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