A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Fundraising for Trees for Life /p by doing the Great North Swim
Rachel Belk (and friends)
4.00p.m. on Saturday 23rd June 2012

Rachel Belk (and friends) grove

Hi all,

I used to swim when a teenager, but haven't swum regularly for over 20 years. I must be slightly mad for having said yes to joining a group of friends planning to do the Great North Swim, but it's going to be an interesting challenge! We're raising money for a whole range of charities and I would be very grateful if you would support Trees for Life, a charity I've felt strongly about for at least 15 years. I love the idea of a grove that can expand with time - and we can go and visit it in the future if we want!

Thanks everyone.

Love Rachel x

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4th September 2012

Donated by Robert and Mary Johnstone

4th September 2012

Donated by Wendy Johnstone

4th September 2012

Donated by Jacinta Richards

4th September 2012

Well done Rachel, I'm sure the trees will be very grateful that you swallowed half of the Manchester Ship Canal for them. Rhiannon

Donated by Rhiannon Davies

4th July 2012

Good Luck! Georgie

Donated by Georgiehulme Hulme

27th June 2012

For a very good cause, and for a brave friend raising lots of money doing a crazy swim! Claire

Donated by Claire Smith

26th June 2012

Good luck Rach, you'll do it easily! We'll be thinking of you on saturday as we bask on the sofa! Lots of Love Claire & Fede xxx

Donated by Claire Bailey

25th June 2012

Good luck - we'll be thinking of you all Julia & Wendy

Donated by Julia Pearmain

25th June 2012

Good luck Rach, the Marathon must be an easier option! Hope you have good weather. Love the S-P's x

Donated by Emma sebright-Pickard

20th June 2012

Well done Rachel - you go girl! x Becci & Rob

Donated by Becci&Rob Barker

13th June 2012

Swim for the trees! Good luck. x River

Donated by River Wolton

12th June 2012

Good luck! It sounds a marvellous charity, we so love seeing the native woods when visiting Scotland. William

Donated by William Jeremy Belk

12th June 2012

What a fabulous Charity - but if you think you're mad for doing this swim, I must be truly bonkers! Sheila

Donated by Sheila Plumbe

11th June 2012

I hope you have your boxing gloves at the ready! Gareth

Donated by Gareth Jefferies

11th June 2012

Good luck, daughter no.1. here's hoping Windermere will be as calm as last time we were on it. xx

Donated by Doreen Yates

11th June 2012

Donated by Victoria Frances

22nd May 2012

Donated by Rachel Belk

4th May 2012

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Rachel Belk (and friends)'s grove
Trees in this grove: 50

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