Ayres Family Grove's family grove
August 2013

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

This grove has been founded
to help replant the Caledonian Forest
and to help us as a family
improve our ecological footprint.

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Dear Kate and Gerald, congratulations on your wedding! With love from James, Jenny and Elsa. Xxx

Donated by James, Jenny and Elsa

4th April 2016

Wishing you every joy and happiness in your future together - happy days!

Donated by Zoe and Bill Gourlay

4th April 2016

To celebrate the marriage of Kate and Gerald xxxx

Donated by Elizabeth, Will, Katy and Amy

29th February 2016

To celebrate the marriage of Kate and Gerald, many happy years to you!

Donated by Vanessa and Pete

14th July 2015

Congratulations Kate and Gerald! Wishing you a very happy marriage for many years to come. Love Sal, Scott, Jonathan and Casper xx

Donated by Sally and Scott

3rd July 2015

Congratulations, Kate and Gerald! Wishing you a wonderful wedding day and many happy years ahead. With lots of love, Jenny and Phil xxx

Donated by Jenny and Phil Jeffes

26th June 2015

Many Congratulations on your wedding, Kate and Gerald! With lots of love and best wishes for all your future happiness together, from Francesca xxx

Donated by Francesca Massey

23rd June 2015

Congratulations Kate and Gerald and best wishes for the future xx

Donated by Louise Jones

22nd June 2015

All the best for your wedding, you rascals.

Donated by Tom & Silas

17th June 2015

For Kate and Gerald's marriage in 2015, with love and all best wishes.

Donated by Janet Hampson

8th June 2015

For Tom and Silas. Congratulations on your marriage.

Donated by Kate, Gerald & Christopher

16th December 2014

Celebrating one year of marriage!

Donated by PM AYRES

30th October 2014

Congratulations on your marriage Jenny and Andrew! 16/8/14.

Donated by Kate, Gerald And christopher

4th August 2014

In memory of David Leeke.

Donated by Kate Ayres

19th May 2014

Donated by Kate Ayres

16th May 2014

For Pete & Vanessa. Wishing you many years of happiness. With love from Mark, Isabell & Erin.

Donated by Mark, Isabell & Erin Wheeley

17th March 2014

Here's to many happy years of marriage for Peter & Vanessa, from Laura & John x

Donated by Laura Snaith

17th March 2014

Donated by Dominique Proto

17th March 2014

Andrew clegg donationDearest friends Vanessa & Peter, Love & kiss each other every day. Boomshanka, Lisa & Andy

Donated by Andrew clegg

14th March 2014

For Pete & Vanessa Wishing you a lot of happiness together.From Véro, Vince, Eva & Matt

Donated by Veronique Miccolis

13th March 2014

To Vanessa and Peter, wishing them a lifetime of happiness! From the Ortegas xxx

Donated by Sophie Ortega

13th March 2014

Dear Vanessa and Peter, we wish you joy and happiness for your married life. Love, Wiebke and Jan

Donated by Wiebke Robrecht

13th March 2014

For Pete and Vanessa, wishing you every happiness in your married life. With love from James and Jenny

Donated by James Ambrose

11th March 2014

Wishing you a fab married life together Pete and Vanessa. LovernWill, Elizabeth, Katy and Amy xx

Donated by William Hague

5th March 2014

In celebration of the wedding of Vanessa Whittall and Peter Ayres. Wishing you many long years of happiness together. With love, Cara

Donated by Cara Wilson

28th January 2014

In celebration of the marriage of Peter and Vanessa, wishing them all the best in their future together. Much Love Emilia and Rod

Donated by Emilia Hands

22nd January 2014

In celebration of the wedding of Jenny Higgins and James Ambrose. From Kate, Gerald & Christopher 31/12/13.

Donated by Kate, Gerald & Christopher

30th December 2013

Happy Christmas to the DU Research Office.

Donated by Kate Ayres

20th December 2013

In celebration of the wedding of Vanessa Whittall and Peter Ayres. From Kate, Gerald & Christopher 1/11/13.

Donated by Kate, Gerald & Christopher

4th November 2013

In celebration of the wedding of Caroline Lawrance and James Daglish. From Kate, Gerald & Christopher 4/10/13.

Donated by Kate, Gerald & Christopher

16th September 2013

In celebration of the wedding of Kathryn Burningham and David Leeke. From Kate, Gerald & Christopher 27/9/13.

Donated by Kate & Gerald & Christopher

26th August 2013

Donated by Pm ayres

21st August 2013

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Ayres Family Grove's grove
Trees in this grove: 188

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