A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Daniel's Forest
Daniel Kjellin
12 September 2013

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

This is a special place for our beautiful baby Daniel.

We miss you very much.

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With love.

Donated by Hazel

11th October 2016

With love from Laura, John & James

Donated by Laura Tickell

6th October 2016

For Daniel with love now and always from Auntie Sian, Uncle Alex, Jasmine, Rosie and Molly xxxxx

Donated by The Hamiltons

5th October 2016

As your birthday approaches, thinking of you, always. All our love beautiful boy xx

Donated by Mireille, Matt & Dexter

25th August 2016

Rian and Iain

31st March 2016

Much love, from the Tickell family x

Donated by Laura Tickell

14th October 2015

Thinking of you. In memory of Daniel. With all my love.

Donated by Catherine Denis

12th October 2015

Dear Daniel You are so missed! Lots of love to you in heaven.

Donated by Sarah, Michael and Byron

12th October 2015

You will always be in our hearts, Daniel, and your family will always be in our thoughts. With love from Australia, Grace, Antoine, Louis & Olivia xxx

Donated by Grace Corbiau

12th October 2015

Love as always from Auntie Sian, Uncle Alex, Jasmine, Rosie and Molly

Donated by The Hamiltons

9th October 2015

Thinking of you beautiful boy - love always from your friends in New Zealand xxx

Donated by Mireille

9th October 2015

With love.

Donated by Hazel Cameron

30th September 2015

Dear Daniel We think of you every day! Love, Sarah, Michael and Byron

Donated by Sarah Knauf

6th March 2015

Donated by The Hamiltons

3rd December 2014

Donated by Delyth Evans

27th October 2014

In memory of Daniel. Never forgotten.

Donated by Pamela Laas

21st October 2014

In memory of Daniel, glad his memory will live on in such a special way.

Donated by Alyson King

13th October 2014

In memory of Daniel. From Marvin, Erika and Markus.

Donated by Erika Eriksson

13th October 2014

Donated by Lars Johan Lönnback

10th October 2014

With much love, Laura

Donated by Laura Tickell

10th October 2014

With love from Carolyn, Euan, Hector and Alexander Murray. Out of sadness will grow great trees. Love will endure always.

Donated by Carolyn Murray

10th October 2014

Donated by Stuart Nixon

10th October 2014

We remember you always when we look at your beautiful brother Anders. You were so wanted and loved. Granny and Granda

Donated by KAY C CAMERON

10th October 2014

A wonderful way to remember and to be remembered.

10th October 2014

With love from Rob & Cate

10th October 2014

What a lovely way to keep Daniel's memory so alive.

10th October 2014

For Daniel From Phil and Corinne

Donated by Corinne Davies

10th October 2014

With love from Victor, Alexandra, Tiago & Mateo Nicolau

Donated by Alexandra Dziuba

9th October 2014

Donated by Claude Le Roux

9th October 2014

To dearest Daniel, May you always be present. With much love to all, Alex

Donated by Alexandra Knapton

4th September 2014

Beautiful baby Daniel, you will never be forgotten. Clare and Ed xx

Donated by Clare Hathaway

22nd May 2014

Dear Daniel, You have left imprints in so many hearts. You were loved enough for a lifetime. Love, Asya, Ben & Lily

Donated by Asya Jamaludin

19th May 2014

Daniel, You are in all of our thoughts. Louise, Jack and Henry xxx

Donated by Louise Shaw

29th April 2014

To Daniel, reach for the sky always, Margaret & Hector To dear Daniel, with love from your Australian cousins, Jessica, Emilia and Briella and Stacey & Robert xo

Donated by Robert Considine

21st April 2014

For Daniel, with love always from Auntie Rian xxx

Donated by Rian Davies

24th March 2014

Donated by Kirstin Philp Smith

17th March 2014

For Daniel.With love always from Auntie Sian, Uncle Alex, Jasmine, Rosie and Molly xxx

Donated by Alexander Hamilton

7th March 2014

Dear Daniel, May love and peace be with you always, with love from Jenny, Alex, Oliver, Amelia and Benjamin xxxxx

Donated by Jenny Tooze

6th February 2014

For my dear nephew Daniel. I met you only once. You squeezed my finger, I will always remember that. Laura

Donated by Laura Tickell

15th January 2014

Donated by H cameron

10th January 2014

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Daniel Kjellin's grove
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