A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Trees for Poppy
Poppy Westwood
19/01/1936 - 20/05/2012

Poppy Westwood grove

In memory of Poppy Westwood, my wonderful mum, who was a very creative and talented mixed media artist and papier mache sculptor who exhibited widely and taught many adult students before retiring. She carried on creating artwork and exhibiting right up to her dying days. Mum had an abundance of pets over the years, particularly cats, she loved wildlife and used to rescue underweight hedgehogs and feed foxes, she won awards for the complex wildlife gardens she built up at the little bungalow she lived in at Herne Bay from 1996 to her death in May 2012. At all her exhibitions she would pin some little printed pages up of quotations that reflected her love of and concern for the natural world. She particularly loved trees and one of those quotations was as follows:

"The man who plants trees is performing an act of pure virtue.

He is creating choirs for the songs of innumerable birds and orchestras through which the winds may play an infinity of music. He is giving shelter to a multitude of humble creatures and providing canvas on which Nature may paint her fairest pictures.

He is enriching the earth and bringing the hills nearer to the heavens; without arrogance he might claim that he is playing the part of God. Indeed he might claim that he was playing it rather better."

Beverley Nichols 'The Unforgiving Minute' Chapter XVI

It is because of this I feel that planting a grove is a very fitting memorial, and particularly in Scotland as her father was Scottish.

Poppy was buried in a natural woodland burial site and a hawthorn tree marks her grave. She also particularly dearly loved silver birch trees.

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Donated by Karen Simpson

20th January 2017

Love you Mum, growing a forest for you xxx

Donated by Grace, David and Keith

20th January 2017

Catching up with your trees for this year Mum, sorry, it's been a difficult patch, so some for Christmas, some for birthday, some for Mother's Day today. Miss and love you. Grace xxx

Donated by Grace, David and Keith

7th March 2016

21st January 2016

Donated by Karen Simpson

23rd December 2015

Miss you so much Mum xxx

Donated by From Grace, David and Keith

27th May 2015

Donated by Karen Simpson

20th May 2015

16th March 2015

Love and miss you Mum, here's some more trees from us for both Solstice and your birthday xxx

Donated by Grace, David and Keith

22nd January 2015

Donated by Karen Simpson

22nd January 2015

Donated by Karen Simpson

22nd December 2014

Donated by Karen Simpson

3rd November 2014

Hey Mum, here's another three trees for you for the 2nd anniversary of your "planting"... love you so much, Grace xxx

Donated by Grace Deakin

23rd May 2014

For my dearest friend and inspiration.

Donated by Karen Simpson

22nd May 2014

These trees are for Nanny Poppy from Keith who loved her very much.

Donated by Keith Jarrett

7th May 2014

Donated by Mrs T L Deakin

30th March 2014

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Poppy Westwood's grove
Trees in this grove: 59

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