A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Naturesave Insurance

Naturesave Insurance – protecting you and the environment since 1993

Naturesave Insurance is an ethical and environmental insurance agency offering household and business insurance policies. Naturesave promotes sustainable development within the business community and aims to create greater awareness within the Insurance industry about the long term problems that the industry faces in ignoring the threat of climate change, pollution and environmental damage.

The Naturesave Grove celebrates the continued support from our long-standing clients who have insured their property with Naturesave for the past 10 years or more. The Grove is funded by The Naturesave Trust, which, in turn, is directly funded from the premiums paid by Naturesave’s household clients.

Naturesave has a strong commitment to environmental and ethical issues and is delighted to assist in the conservation and expansion of our national, native woodland.

Mr & Mrs Richard & Amanda Storer
Ms Debbie Collins & Mr Armando Magnino
Mr & Mrs Ian & Maureen Bunch
Ms Karen Rush & Mrs Christopher Vranek
Ms Catherine Bond
Mr & Mrs John & Jackie Adam
Ms Rukshana Afia & Mr Donald Purves
Ms Sylvia Werner
Mr & Mrs Franklin & Wendy Scrase
Mr & Mrs Mark & Michaela Loos Page
Ms Elanor Jackson
Mr & Ms David & Jessica James
Mr Paul Forrest-Jameson
Mr George Broadhead & Ms Heather Blundell
Mr & Mrs John & Christine Beech
Miss Clare Sidey
Mr Gary Whitbread & Mr Max Burrows
Mr Richard Keidan
Mr John Little & Ms Fiona Crummay
Ms Valerie Hopper
Dr Jayalaxshmi Mistry
Mr Adrian Sieff
Mr & Mrs Barry & Judy Gilbert
Mr & Mrs Chris & Jules Adair
Ms Neeraj Malhotra
Mr Mark Mansbridge
Mr David Johnson & Ms Deborah Edwards
Ms Angela Needham
Mr Rob Unwin & Ms Helen Griffith
Dr Laura Turney & Mr Steven Malone
Mr Richard Moyse & Ms Katherine Friend
Miss Donna Rispoli
Ms Margaret Ball
Ms June Tranmer
Mr Hugh Lodder
Mr Hussam Al-Nawab & Ms Petra Weimann
Ms Jane Lawson
Miss Julie Kennedy
Mr Iain Wilson & Mrs Dorothy Wilson Craw
Miss Alison Clark
Mr Kevin Pressland
Mr & Ms James & Moira Carlyle
Mr & Mrs Richard & Claire Joynson
Mr & Mrs Anthony & Rosemary Rogers
Mr Teresa Goddard
Ms Shirley Newbery
Dr Clare Hamon
Mr & Dr Kendrick & Melanie Parker
Ms Catherine Higginbottom & Mr Frank Leys
Mr & Dr Andrew & Danna Durban
Ms Jane Meir
Mr Kevin Young
Dr C L Cameron-Beaumont
Mr D Herbert
Mr G J Morgans
Ms Helen Bradshaw & Mr Steve Kelly
Ms C Lamb
Ms E J Winkler
Ms Penny Poyzer & Mr Gil Schalom
Mr and Mrs Cameron
Mr M Brown
Dr & Mrs Oliver
Ms Jane Lewis & Mr Christopher Booth
Mr David Olivier
Ms A Silver
Ms S Cwper
Mr D G Stephens
Mr and Mrs Rudd
Ms Jane Whittaker
Ms A Kirkham
Ms A Burdon & Mr A Vaughan
Mrs J C Rhodes
Mr and Mrs Gaffey
Mr P J Horton and Ms D Sale
Mr J Lyons & Miss C Hignett
Mrs C O'Leary
Ms R Rosselson
Mr K Hewitt
Mr A M Carthy
Mr D Gerchi
Ms A Heaney
Ms B Alabaster & Mr M Calderbank
Mrs D Taylor
Ms Susan Gibson
Mr J Hilary
Mr R Osborn
Mr R Freeston
Ms F Cottrell
Liz Willis & Jenny Daisley
Mr T Stone
Mr M Bangham
Mr Peter Hill
Mr and Mrs Jarman
Ms R Hayward and Mr J Watson
Ms S Hartley
Mr J Garratt
Dr S Galey
Mr and Mrs Fagan
Mr R Johnston
Mr S Gordon
Ms E K Tyrrell
Mr and Mrs Kerlaff
Miss G Egan
Ms Carey Morning
Mr Brian Boothby
Mr D Patter
Ms J M Aitken
Mr J Talbott and Ms S Graham
Ms Pamela Johnson
Ms Penny Noble
Mr J Reeman
Mrs S Rutledge
Mr & Mrs Thompson
Mrs Susan Slater
Mr J P Whitley
Mes Elaine Kings
Mr E J M Waker
Miss Lucy Williams
Sarah Coombes & Simon Wilmot
Ms Kala Subbuswamy
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson
Ms Virginia Shaw
Ms Clare Lissaman
Mr Barry Deakin
Mr & Mrs Hembrough
Mr Ed Wilson
Mr C P Summers
Ms J Wuttke & Mr I Henshall
Mr A Neville & Ms V Betton
Mr D K Buswell
Ms H Gould
22 Vernon Terrace Brighton Ltd
Mrs Catherine Bovill
Mr S Hill
Mr A Rivett & Ms G Paschkes-Bell
Cathy Mills
Mr & Mrs Vowles
J Symonds
Henrietta Yannaghas
Mr D Scott
Dr P Phillips & Dr E Rylott
Mr A Stevens
Dr Keith Baker
Ms Jenni Wittman
Ms Sal Nicholson
Ms Jessica Loudon
Mr Jonthan Gerrard
Rev Ann Peart
Mr Steffi Westphal
Mr J R Brockwell
Mr A Cottey
Mr Neil Dixon
Ms Judi Brill
Drs E & J Kerr
Ms Sara Lamond
Mr P Thomas
Ms Martha Rose
Christine Mackay & David Barry
Mr A Milner
Ms Catherine Holland
Ms K Tremayne
Ms S Blades & Mr M Giannuzzi
Mr & Mrs Lindsey
Mr Jay-Lewin & Ms J Knott
Mr T Dawson
Ms C Ramsay & Mr J Russell
Ms A Stevenson
Ms M Leigh
Mr J D L Beare
Jane Crinnion & Leo Hickman
Miss N J Sharpe
Ms A Tyler & Mr K Drinkwater
Ms G C Frost
Susan Light
Dr H Schlenzka
Ian Cook
Peter McKay
Margaret Farrant
Elizabeth Wintle
Marlie Mace
Ian Pancholi
Mandy Wilkinson
Barnaby & Helen Waters
Dr V Conboy & Mr W Eaton
Mr & Mrs Brooks
Peter Blench & Felicity Norman
Mr Martin Laker
Ronald & patricia Harrow
Dr Georgia Clarke
Mrs Pat Sykes
Mr A J Thomas
Mrs Mary Hartley
Christopher Minns
David Edwards
Geoffrey Cooper
Vashti Zarach
Richard Swann
Dominique Royle
Caroline Pringle
Lisa Rotheram
Sam Campbell & Catherine Pieroni
Anne Nicholson-Murray
Rebecca Menday
Phoebe Mortimer & Finn Lewis
Nick Jukes
Kate Jefferson
Rachel Hevesi
Ruth Hamilton
Philip Connor
Julian Cabrera
Penny Smith
Andrew & Zoe Procter
Bernard & Carol Portis
Ian Jarman
Mark Higgins
Melanie Gould & Stephen Massey
Craig Gibsone
Veronica Burke & Andrew Whitley
Joel Chalfen

Clifford Lantaff

Thalis Nunis

Mr & Mrs Newman

Niall Ross
Elizabeth Singh
Christopher & Wendy Wainwright
David Waller
Cheryl Wilson
Catherine Grainger
Rev Dr Sarah Hall
Mrs R Jones
Victoria Johnson

Anthony Wilson-Ing

Andrew Stone

Elizabeth Pether

Karen Parkinson
Neil & Holly Messam
Steve McEvoy
Mary Ann Johnson Housing Cooperative Ltd
Martin & Jennifer Jennings-Wright
Matthew Hunt
Peter Gidley
Dr Georgia Clarke
Andrea Griffith & Jason Hollingsworth
Linda Fraser
Malcolm & Henrietta Door
Richard & Anna Marie Byrne
Tom & Jo Browne
Andrew Brennan
Justin Atkinson
Theresa Yates
Anna Worthington
Josephine Wickstead
Laura Shannon
Alastair & Em Sawday
Mary Kelly & Duncan Roberts
David Oakley-Hill
Jane Morrell
Stewart MacDonald
Simon Ludgate
Monique LaRoche

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64 Trees

From Naturesave Trust

8th December 2017

37 Trees

From Naturesave Trust

8th December 2017

41 Trees

Donated by Naturesave Insurance

18th September 2017

26 Trees

Donated by Naturesave

23rd May 2017

203 Trees

Donations received from 2011 - 2015

Donated by Naturesave Insurance

23rd August 2011

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Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
This grove in numbers
Trees in this grove:

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