A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
The Festival Wood

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The Festival Wood is wild forest regeneration initiative from A Greener Festival. It is not an offset scheme. The Festival Woods is an opportunity for the festival community to give something back to the great outdoors that we love to enjoy. A festival legacy that will grow and grow.

A Greener Festival chose to team with Trees for Life to create the Festival Wood, due to their proven and outstanding commitment to restoring, protecting and nurturing the wild forests in the Scottish Highlands.

"Trees for Life's vision is to restore a wild forest, which is there for its own sake, as a home for wildlife and to fulfill the ecological functions necessary for the wellbeing of the land itself."

Trees are planted in natural distribution patterns at sites that offer maximum benefits for biodiversity. Trees for Life's focus is on native species grown from locally collected seed, including Scots pine, willow, rowan, birch, hazel, alder, holly, aspen and bird cherry. The Festival Woods are beginning in Dundreggan, an area of 10,000 acres of wild land near Loch Ness.

We invite festivals, festival-goers, artists, suppliers and the whole festival community to get involved and donate trees, at £6 each, to this lasting positive restoration. We hope to one day see the Festival Woods flourish to become a diverse Festival Forest, rich with biodiversity and protected wilderness.

The first 300 trees are donated by our friends and coach travelers with Big Green Coach, the team at A Greener Festival and a wonderful 100 tree donation in loving memory of Aidan 'Tig' Challis.

Visit and Volunteer

Dundreggan has a visitor area so if you wish to see the Festival Wood you can! There is also opportunity to volunteer to go and plant trees with Trees for Life's Conservation Holidays. There are also educational walks and opportunities to observe the areas wildlife.

If you are a festival and want to get involved with the Festival Woods project contact agreenerfestival@aol.com

Trees for Life's project area for forest restoration

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Dundreggan tree planting and conservation project sites


The following festivals and suppliers have contributed to Festival Wood:

  • Al Green Productions
  • Association of Festival Organisers
  • Barley Arts, Italy
  • Belladrum (Tartan Heart 2012) Festival
  • Bestival
  • The Cambridge Folk Festival
  • Charge and Store
  • Deer Shed Festival
  • Electric Hotel
  • End of the Road Festival
  • Et Voila Events (January 2013)
  • Et Voila Events (June 2013)
  • www.festivalmag.com
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • HADRA Trance Festival
  • ID&C Ltd (2013)
  • Kendal Calling
  • Live Experience
  • Stack Cup
  • Peppermint Bars
  • Rockstar Services

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24 Trees

Tristan Hunt donationI'm lucky enough to work in the music industry,
but it's a business where sometimes air travel is unavoidable.
Therefore I'm delighted to participate in this great initiative by AGF & Trees For Life.

Donated by Tristan Hunt

23rd April 2019

4 Trees

To offset my return flight to Spain

Donated by Alice Favre

1st March 2019

40 Trees

Cambridge Folk Festival donationCambridge Folk Festival

Donated by Cambridge Folk Festival

25th September 2018

2 Trees

Donated by Delyth Morgan

1st August 2018

52 Trees

15 trees from our conference delegates at GEI10 and 37 trees from our A Greener Festival Awards

19th April 2018

53 Trees

We are delighted to support Festival Wood and are donating to give back to the natural world in recognition of the carbon emissions that we directly produced operating the Folk Festival

Donated by Cambridge Folk Festival

19th September 2017

9 Trees

Donated by Aymeric

14th February 2017

55 Trees

Cambridge Folk Festival

Donated by Cambridge Folk Festival

22nd November 2016

25 Trees

Donated by Festival Wood

7th October 2016

200 Trees

Donated by the visitors to ILMC 28

Donated by International Live Music Conference - ILMC28

26th August 2016

50 Trees

For out climate neutral 2015 business

Donated by Stichting Stimular

22nd April 2016


Donated by Donna O'Neill

16th October 2015

20 Trees

Good luck with the project! Music Industry Yorkshire (Higher Rhythm)

Donated by Steven Mundin

22nd July 2015


Good luck with the project; more power to you! Music Industry Yorkshire (Higher Rhythm) .

Donated by Steven Mundin

21st July 2015


More power to you! Music Industry Yorkshire (Higher Rhythm)

Donated by Steve Mundin

20th July 2015


Such a huge return for such a small donation. More power to you!

Donated by Steve Mundin

20th July 2015


26th May 2015

50 Trees

Donated by Stimular Foundation

20th May 2015


13th May 2015

1 Tree

Lolo Vato donationI love you Treeees!

Donated by Lolo Vato

3rd March 2015

1 Tree

Keep up the good work! Really good new website...

Donated by Lily-Rose King

5th February 2015

1825 Trees

Donated by The Festival Wood

30th April 2012

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Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
This grove in numbers
Trees in this grove: 2649

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