A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Ailsa Grove
Ailsa Renshaw
26 October 2015


A Grove dedicated to the memory of Ailsa Renshaw
(26 October 1984 - 11 October 2015)

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Thinking of you at Christmas. With our love 🌟🌟🌟

Donated by Helen Howie

5th December 2018

To one of the bestest.

Donated by The Stottlaws

21st April 2018

Donated by Helen

21st April 2018

These trees are for Bryn, Cerys and Kaitlyn in whom Ailsa’s spirit lives on. May she inspire them to love the wild places. With my love helen

Donated by Helen

20th April 2018

Thinking of you as winter creeps away and the sun is calling me outside. XXX

Donated by Claire

25th February 2018

Donated by Madeleine & Nigel

25th August 2017

To remember a shining light and an inspiration.

Donated by Ewan and Janette Cameron

26th December 2015

To beautiful Ailsa - always full of fun and kindness xxx

Donated by Angie, Steve & Holly Beaton

25th December 2015

Thinking of you, and missing you, today and always Ailsa xx

Donated by Fiona Skene

25th December 2015

In memory of Ailsa's infectious enthusiasm for life and the inspiring way she saw the world.

Donated by David and Karis

24th December 2015

Remembering Ailsa from Weybridge

Donated by Anne and Pete Sawbridge

24th December 2015

In memory of Ailsa, a very special young woman.

Donated by Willie and Jenny Skene

17th December 2015

So loved and so missed xx

Donated by John and Heather Hepworth

15th December 2015

For my beautiful sister. Xxxxx

Donated by Kathryn, Dave, Ellie and Sofia Hartley

25th November 2015

Such a sad loss. Ailsa has crossed my path twice.once as a patient when I was a dental nurse & secondly when her husband used our kilt shop for their wedding. Sleep tight beautiful

Donated by Neil Selbie & Co Ltd

19th November 2015

A special memory of Ailsa from New Zealand -- a fitting tribute to her zest for life and her love of nature.

Donated by Gillian Robb

15th November 2015

A star forever in my heart. With love my favourite middle child.

Donated by Helen Howie

13th November 2015

I met Ailsa just a few times but clearly remember her being so warm and friendly. This grove is a beautiful idea. Xxx

Donated by Chloe

9th November 2015

Donated by Laila and John

29th October 2015

Donated by Helena Molloy

27th October 2015

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences and hope this fitting tribute will bring comfort to you and your family x

Donated by Kathryn's NCT Friends

27th October 2015

A great friend to great friends. You'll be missed by many.

Donated by D

26th October 2015

Bridget & Scott donationAn inspirational, beautiful person forever in our hearts xxx

Donated by Bridget & Scott

26th October 2015

Ailsa inspired each of us to challenge ourselves, to explore the world and to appreciate the small things as well as the big. Our lives were fuller for her; she is and always will be sorely missed

Donated by The Geeks

19th October 2015

This Grove is a living Memorial to Ailsa Renshaw (nee.Howie) who was passionate about conservation, the great outdoors and living each moment to its fullest. Ailsa has inspired every friend and family member to take risks, go on adventures and have more compassion for others. We hope that over the years friends and family will add to the grove, helping the countryside which Ailsa loved to flourish. We aim to plant another similar grove in her second home, New Zealand. The Grove is Dedicated by Anna, Claire, Kirsty, Eleanor, David, Jane, Ronan, Cat, James, Andrew, Judith and T.C

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Ailsa Renshaw's grove
Trees in this grove: 216

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