A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Sandy's Highland Grove
Sandy Kennedy
18 September 1949 to 19 August 2016

Sandy laughing2

Remembering and celebrating the life of Sandy Kennedy.
She was passionate about restoring this ancient forest and planted many trees here. A gem of a woman,
dear friend and committed activist with a big heart, strong spirit and wicked sense of humour.
Fondly remembered and sorely missed.

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Hey Sandy, still planting for you.

Donated by Alan

24th June 2019

With much love,
many happy memories and a whole store of
laughs and stories to remember you by.

Donated by Zoe Elford

6th January 2018

From a friend

Donated by Elizabeth Rothschild

14th December 2017

I knew Sandy as a kind generous and creative person.
Our creative collaboration was tender and true.
I'm very sad to hear of Sandy's passing.

Donated by Adam Barnett

26th June 2017

Beautiful Sandy.....we miss you every day.
Love you, you big hearted, warm and crazy woman.

Donated by Maria, Mark, Tom and Rosa

23rd November 2016

Met Sandy just this spring for a week of tree planting in Glen Affric,
she loved it and we all loved her - for her sharp dry wit,
her deep infectious laugh and her warm strong heart.

Donated by Alan

1st November 2016

For the fabulously crackers and
beautifully big hearted Sanders.
Miss you m'darlin.
With much, much love.

Donated by Caro

27th October 2016

You were a real life enhancer.
You will be sadly missed.
Lots of love The Andrews.

Donated by Jill Andrews

24th October 2016

Sandy, who knows where the time goes ...
Love you always xxx

Donated by Nick, Janie, Oliver, Rosa and Romilly

3rd October 2016

To our wonderful, adventurous, thoughtful,
funny and brave friend Sandy.
We shall miss you xxxx

Donated by Clare, Matt, Artie and Charlie

20th September 2016

19th September 2016

Such an incredibly courageous,
adventurous, inspirational friend –
thank you for your warmth, fun and friendship.
We love you Sandy x

Donated by Clare, Matt, Artie and Charlie

17th September 2016

Sandy, I miss your gorgeous low voice,
the peels of laughter and accents,
the way you cared so much,
your love of life and fun,
your dancing walk.
What a privilege to have known you.
Love you Sandy

Donated by Natasha Macewan

16th September 2016

This is a beautiful way of remembering a beautiful person.

Donated by Ruthi

15th September 2016

12th September 2016

We can't imagine a more fitting tribute for you, dear Sandy,
than a grove of wild and life-giving trees.

Donated by Mary and Jon

12th September 2016

Donated by Phil Pritchard

8th September 2016

Dear Sandy - we miss you so much.
You were such fun, and a great inspiration.
May your forest grow wild and strong.
Julia xxx

Donated by Julia Hollander

8th September 2016

A beautiful way to remember such a remarkable woman.

Donated by Etain

8th September 2016

Donated by Sara

8th September 2016

We will sorely miss your infectious giggle
and soft interested voice.
Much love from us all.

Donated by Janet, Kitty and Edie

8th September 2016

Dear Sandy,
You will live on in memory, and in these trees.
Thank you for your friendship.
Love always.

Donated by George and Annie

7th September 2016

So many special times with Sandy –
when she has made me laugh, danced with me,
cheered me up, inspired me –
and always, always, been there in times of need.
Beloved, amazing, original Sandy.

Donated by Eka Morgan

6th September 2016

Sandy, whenever we saw you,
you put a smile on our faces.
We love you xx

Donated by Tom, Sloane & Jacob

5th September 2016

Knowing that a small corner of wildness is
growing in your name makes the
deep sadness at losing you more bearable.
Your mischievious sense of fun,
compassion and wisdom will be with us forever

Donated by Rebecca and George

5th September 2016

Donated by Chris Jardine

5th September 2016

Really happy to donate towards
such a fitting memorial for lovely Sandy.
Always laughing, that's how I'll remember her.
I really like Trees for Life too.
I did a week's volunteering there myself.

Donated by Sally Carr

2nd September 2016

31st August 2016

So privileged to know Sandy
and to be part of this memorial grove

Donated by Jill Canney

30th August 2016

Donated by Oliver

30th August 2016

Sandy was deeply loved and always
the go-to woman whether we needed to laugh,
cry, dance or put the world to rights.
She's sorely missed,
but will always be remembered with a mischievous grin.

Donated by Al, George, Johnny and Jude

30th August 2016

Thank you for being our "grown up next door",
our lovely friend and neighbour.
Always there with humour, wisdom and the right drill bit.
Independently fabulous all the way.
We miss you

Donated by Ed, Laura, Max, Arthur and Theo Baldock

30th August 2016

Love you, brilliant woman.
Thank you for inspiring me,
making me laugh so much
and for always being interested.
I will miss you,
but remember you with a smile
and think what an awesome woman'.

Donated by Mim with Chris, Maya, Sesame + bump

30th August 2016

Love you Sandy.
Looking forward to planting some of these trees!

Donated by Lucy Ford

30th August 2016

With much love to you and Joe.
What a perfect way to celebrate and remember.
We hope to visit your grove one day.
Beth, Jonny, Lily & Ida XXxx

Donated by Beth, Jonny, Lily & Ida

30th August 2016

We will have a grand 'crack' when we meet again.
Much love Sarah, Ashley and Saoirse.

Donated by Sarah Goodall

26th August 2016

This picture reminds me of the fun we had at festivals.
I will always remember you particularly when I am dancing.

Donated by Liz Goold

26th August 2016

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Sandy Kennedy's grove
Trees in this grove: 241

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