A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Judiths Den
Judith Paterson
20th of August 1949 to 13th October 2016


Soon you will see me
Cos I'll be all around you.
But where I come from I can't tell.
But don't be alarmed by my fields and my forests
They're here for only you to share.

Ray Thomas /Justin Hayward

For Judith the sleepy village of Kettins with its fields and woods was always home no matter how far she roamed,
a place of peace and contentment. She was sunny Leo who was always generous and caring.

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Donated by Chris Thoms

25th May 2019

Miss you loads.
The daffodils and bluebells are blooming. xx

Donated by Leone

26th April 2019

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th April 2019

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th March 2019

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th February 2019

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th January 2019

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th December 2018

Merry Christmas Mum xxxx
Miss you lots and lots xxxxx

Donated by Cheryl, Euan, Callum and Mark xxx

15th December 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th November 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th October 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th September 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th August 2018

Fraser & Heather donationMissing you lots XXXX

Donated by Fraser & Heather

21st August 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th July 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th June 2018

Leone, Cheryl, Ross and families took over the Alyth coffee morning on 2nd June 2018. Raised £310 for your den, mum then added £2 to make up to another tree. X

Donated by Coffee Morning

6th June 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th May 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th April 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th March 2018

Judith was one of the most lovely kindest ladies I have ever met xx
I’m so sorry I have just found out xx
love to you all xx

Donated by Katrina Sneddon

27th February 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th February 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th January 2018

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th December 2017

Merry Christmas Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Donated by Cheryl, Euan , Callum, Mark, Smudge and Tilly Dog xxxx

23rd December 2017


Donated by Leone bissett

21st December 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th November 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th October 2017

Donated by Fraser & Heather

15th October 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th September 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th August 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th July 2017

Donated by Cheryl, Leone, Fraser and Ross

10th July 2017

Donated by Leone Bissett

6th July 2017

Donated by Chris Toms

25th June 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th May 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th April 2017

Mum, Miss and Love you lots and lots xxx

Donated by Cheryl, Euan Callum, Mark Smudge and Tilly

31st March 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th March 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th February 2017

Donated by Chris Thoms

25th January 2017

Missing you loads, lots of love.
PS looking for rainbows

Donated by Fraser & Heather

28th December 2016

Remembering a lovely lady xx

Donated by Johanne Hogg

27th December 2016

Merry Christmas Mum ❤❤❤🌲🌲🌲xxxx

Donated by Lots of Love Cheryl, Euan, Callum and Mark xxxxx

25th December 2016

We can think of no better legacy for our beloved Auntie Judith.
Her heart was of cosmic proportions,
filled with love for this planet and the people on it.
And above all, she loved her family xxxxxxxx

Donated by Chris and Nats

20th December 2016

Mum, Miss you everyday xxxx Love you lots and Lots xxxxx

Donated by Cheryl, Euan, Callum and Mark xxxx

19th December 2016

Thought we would be celebrating Christmas together.
Miss you so much.
Love always.

Donated by Leone

19th December 2016

From all friends and family who attended the funeral.

Donated by Funeral Donations

19th December 2016

In memory of Judith, a kind and caring person whose memory
will live on through her concern for the environment.

Donated by Sue & Nick Royle

8th December 2016

Roam free Judith! X

2nd December 2016

In loving memory of my little sister, Judith, who now rests in peace under a tree at Kettins Church. She will always be in our hearts as we were in hers - brother Ian, sister-in-law, Sheena & family.

Donated by Ian M. Thoms

16th November 2016

Thinking of you.

Donated by Ann MacKinnon

4th November 2016

Donated by Allison Izzett

4th November 2016

What a lovely way to remember good times

Donated by Your friends and colleagues

1st November 2016

What a beautifully fitting memorial to a loved one.

Donated by Hill Family

31st October 2016

This is an inspirational way to remember auntie Judith by.

Donated by Grant

31st October 2016

With happy memories.

Donated by Coral and Ian

31st October 2016

Donated by Nicola

31st October 2016

Donated by Lindsay

31st October 2016

Donated by Thomson family

27th October 2016

Donated by Janice

26th October 2016

Mhairi Wild donationJudith had many wonderful qualities, but above all else...she was kind. Her kindness shone through everything she did. Sending love to her precious family and friends.

Donated by Mhairi Wild

26th October 2016

What a lovely lasting memorial.
Love, hugs and healing prayers to all friends and family x

Donated by Louise

25th October 2016

Lovely send off for a lovely lady today.
Hope your trees grow old and tall.
Love to your wonderful family. x

Donated by Rohan Nicol

25th October 2016

To mum

Donated by Close Family

24th October 2016

Born in a village straddling the Angus and Perthshire border, Judith's early life was one of contentment peacefully playing on her door step with ladybirds and beetles or cutting up her dolls clothes to make outfits for her pet dog which she would dress up and parade round the village in her pram. Being a girl, in the middle of four brothers, she did not take kindly to being told that girls did not have adventures and would trail with them across fields, jumping burns,climbing trees and building dens showing that she was definitely no sissy. Addition of television to the family home encouraged the adventures with scenes from the “Lone Ranger” and “Daniel Boone” being enacted and providing motivation to build dens in woods. How she longed to be ridding that stage coach into Dodge or to be driven through a tunnel in a giant Redwood in California.

In time ladybugs and beetles gave way to The Beatles and a wall covered in posters of her pop idols, carefully cut from magazines; none of which she had read. It also heralded adulthood and a first job as an office Junior with a Dundee law firm. Whilst she took to it with gusto, it was not without its drawbacks, delivering documents around Dundee law offices was to be avoided if possible and an office juniors salary did not stretch very far when bus fares and lodging had to be deducted. Judith in her only inimitable fashion devised a method evaluating worth in terms of how many jumpers equated to the price.

It was also not long before she caught the eye of many of the young men in and around her home and was on at least one occasion told off by an elderly neighbour for standing kissing a suitor at the end of the road. There was one in particular that caught her eye and soon she married Dave Bissett and looked forward to setting up home and raising a family.

Unfortunately the marriage foundered but not before it had resulted in two daughters; Cheryl and Leone. As a single mum with 2 small girls to support Judith was grateful to be offered a job back with the law firm and worked hard to ensure that the girls did not miss out because of their circumstances.

Whilst on a bus trip with a friend, she struck up a conversation with another passenger and cheekily asked him if he would mind swapping seats with her to let her have a window seat. Not taken aback by this request he gallantly obliged and carried on the conversation. Somewhere between her description of the family pet as a Dougall dog and Betsy dog; a Lhasa Apso as in Dougall of the Magic roundabout, a spark was lit between them and they exchanged telephone numbers. A mid-week call resulted in an invitation to stay and attend a school Burns supper. Walking into the kitchen the following morning he found Judith reaching into the washing machine and with a flourish of “one wally dug”, “two wally dugs” produced two stuffed toys that had just been washed.

It was a source of friendly discussion between them as to who proposed to who, Grahame and Judith married in Dundee in July 1983.

Grahame's job as a systems analyst lead him overseas to Saudi Arabia. Judith took to the cultural change with usual enthusiasm, making her own abya in royal blue in preference to the standard black issue available within the Kingdom. Judith's quest for adventures continued with frequent excursions to souks, trailing to find an oasis to have a picnic, exploring abandoned Bedouin villages, hunting for Saudi Diamonds and digging for Desert roses. Two further additions were added to the family with firstly Fraser in 1989 and then Ross some eleven months later full-filling yet another wish to have a larger family. Soon she was involved in mothers and toddlers groups at the ladies recreation centre and when Fraser started pre-school,took the opportunity to volunteer as a teachers assistant in the British school in Jubail. It was not all work and no play as she took time out to qualify as a Snorkel diver despite having a fear of putting her head under water.

Returning to Scotland from the arid deserts of Arabia she became all to aware of how the green environment she had known as a child was being changed by large scale industrial farming and removal of trees without replacement.

When a job was advertised for a teachers assistant in a local school, Judith applied and her unbounded enthusiasm landed her the job. Soon it was a whirl of School Eco committee and Forrest Schools, constructing a hothouse from plastic bottles and help the school achieve an Eco Green flag. Her natural family instincts also made her a first choice as a mentor for some of the less fortunate children who passed through the school gates.

When she finally “retired” from school it was back to working as a bookkeeper and ultimately payroll manager for her daughter Cheryl's businesses, a role she held until a couple of weeks before her untimely passing.

Of those desires to ride a stagecoach and the Redwood, both were achieved when Grahame was working in California."

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Judith Paterson's grove
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