A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
If love could have kept you here -
you would have lived forever

Tommy Dodds
20 July 1927 - 19 August 2016


This grove is planted to celebrate the life of Tommy Dodds.
This webpage is open to all friends and family to share photos or memories of his place in their lives - wherever and whenever that was. Further trees can be planted at any time in the future in remembrance a man whose kindness and generosity of spirit meant so much to so many, and will never be forgotten.

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Margaux & Liz donationHAPPY FATHERS DAY to the most wonderful father.
Thank you for all the memories,
love and warmth you brought to my world.
Will miss you always but
you are forever in our thoughts and hearts.

Donated by Margaux & Liz

13th June 2019

Margaux & Liz xx donationAlthough we can't see you this Christmas We know you will be there So there's a drink and a seat on the sofa waiting just for you Dad To celebrate the love we share. Always remembered, with love.

Donated by Margaux & Liz xx

21st December 2018

 donationThey say time is a healer but your loss is felt as if it were yesterday. Your absence has left a hole in our lives but loving memories of you make me smile when times are hard. Love you dad, always x

17th August 2018

 donationDad, Keeping you close at heart and in memory on your birthday and always.
Miss you so very much, remembering you with love xxxx

20th July 2018

 donationOne of my greatest blessings in life, the one that I call Dad. Remembering a wonderful man with love. Today and every day, we miss you xxx

8th June 2018

Margaux and LIz donationDad, whose presence is missed so much - you live on in our hearts "I'll always feel you close to me, though you're out of sight will search for you among the stars, that shine on Christmas night" xxx

Donated by Margaux and LIz

14th December 2017

Isobel and Duncan donationTommy was one in a million and we are so proud to remember him on this day. xx

Donated by Isobel and Duncan

18th August 2017

 donation19 August 2016 - a year has passed. What a truly special person you were, you are missed more than words can say. The best dad doesn’t exist in this world, because he's now in heaven. Love You xxxx

18th August 2017

His daughter Margaux & Liz donationWith love and the warmest memories of good times we shared on your special day. Miss you. xxxxxxx

Donated by His daughter Margaux & Liz

20th July 2017

his daughter donationRemembering you on this Father's day - your warmth of spirit, guidance and love remain with me always. Although I can no longer say it in person I know you hear and are with me. Love you dad xxxxxxx

Donated by his daughter

19th June 2017

Dedicated to the memory of Tommy - loving father, husband, brother, son and friend. Thanks for the life of a special man - dearly missed, always loved and fondly remembered always.

Donated by Those who loved Tommy Dodds

6th March 2017

My father, Tommy Dodds loved nature and wildlife - with the Highlands and islands of Scotland holding a special place in his heart. As a young child I remember days out and holidays climbing Ben Nevis, visiting Glencoe or longer jaunts to explore the western isles. As a semi-professional cyclist in his younger years, my father talked with fondness of his training sessions around Loch Lomond and through the pass known as the Rest and Be Thankful. In his working life he travelled extensively, always returning with stories that he took great pleasure in recollecting years after. Always a social man and excellent dancer he was also a keen golfer, and loved to take off in his camper van and go fishing - sometimes alone, sometimes with family members - just for the joy of being in the Scottish wilderness. With its ancient pines and spectacular mountain scenery, the Caledonian Forest is Scotland’s most iconic landscape and there can be no better way to honour my father, who I know would be proud to support efforts being made to restore the ancient Caledonian forest and rare wildlife to the Scottish Highlands. This is why we are planting this grove, in memory of a lovely, caring man - to allow him to be part of the wilderness he so loved, for eternity.

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Tommy Dodds grove
Trees in this grove: 28

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