A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
In loving memory of Kenneth Grayson
Kenneth Grayson
1934 to 2016


In loving memory of Kenneth Grayson

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In loving memory

Donated by Shirley

10th October 2017

Thank you for everything you did for us throughout your life, you will always be in my heart.

Donated by Pete Grayson

8th October 2017

This grove is to celebrate the life of Kenneth Grayson, a truly remarkable person who will always be fondly remembered, with a smile, for his love of life and unique sense of humour.

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Kenneth Grayson's grove
Trees in this grove: 28

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