A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Peggy's Gift to Scotland's Wildlife
Mrs A Vincent
18th March

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

Anne Vincent (Peggy) had an immense love of trees and all animals,
this is a lasting tribute to a much loved Mother and Friend.

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Mum, today would have been your birthday and miss you,
but we miss you every day.
More trees for your grove,
for the animals you loved so much - Love you,
Colin, Girls an Great Grand Children XXXXX

Donated by Colin, Lauren and Megan

8th May 2019

Another birthday without You,
life is so empty without You
an Your Beautiful Smile,
the wind is blowing through Your trees,
but giving shelter to Your Beloved Birds.
Loving You Fur Ever Lyssie XXXXXXX

Donated by Lyssie

8th May 2019

If you have a Mother
Cherish Her with care
For You'll never know Her value
Till You see Her empty chair.
Beautiful day - only thing missing was YOU!!
Love You Forever XXXX
Correct date this time!!

Donated by Lyssie

31st March 2019

A year has passed since You left me,
the pain remains deep within me,
not a day passes I do not miss Your Beautiful Smile,
I will Love You Forever My Beloved 'Mummy' XXXXX

Donated by Lyssie

18th March 2019

Nae card or special dinner to mark Mother's Day but mair trees for your Grove.
A mair fitting, lasting tribute to My Beautiful an Greatly Missed Mother.
Forever in mae Thoughts - All Love Lyssie XXX

Donated by Lysssie

10th March 2019

Mummy this is my Hogmanay gift to you an your beloved wildlife.
A new year an the first one without you. It really is very empty!!!
Love an miss you so very much. Lyssie xxxxxxx

Donated by Lyssie

31st December 2018

Mummy, our first Christmas apart,
I miss You so very much -
Your gift - mair trees for Your Grove - Your ain wee Forest!!
Love an Hugs an many XXXXXXX Lyssie X

Donated by Lyssie

25th December 2018

Mummy, today I stood by your lair beside the yellow rowan tree,
such peace and beauty.
Not a day passes that I do not miss you an lang to hold you.
Always in my thoughts an mae heart.

Donated by Lyssie

28th September 2018

Mummy today I am 69 and sadly You cannot wish me Happy Birthday -
there is not a day passes that I do not miss You.
Thank you for giving me Life and so much Love.
Love and miss you always
Lyssie XXXXX

Donated by Lyssie

5th July 2018

Mummy not able to take you out to dinner, to celebrate your 95th Birthday -
I will gift more trees to your Grove,
for the joy and peace of Scotland's amazing Wildlife.
Love you always Lyssie xxxxx

Donated by Lyssie

8th May 2018

Mum you will be greatly missed by me,
the Girls and Great Grand Children.
At Peace in a Beautiful Setting.
Love you always.

Donated by Colin, Lauren, Megan and Family

16th April 2018

In Memory of a Dear Aunt.
We may not have met frequently but thought of you often.
Rest in Peace Aunty Peggy - with love from us all xxxx

Donated by Betty, Alan, Dennis and Lindsay

9th April 2018

From your Norfolk Friends,
who were honoured to know such a Lovely, Kind, Warm Human Being -
May Your trees flourish and bring shelter to your beloved animals!!,
Peggy We miss You, with love xxxxx

Donated by Margaret, Trish/Ali, Jane, Mary

9th April 2018

In memory of my kind and lovely friend who sadly passed away.
May she look down from above and see the grove of trees a gift for Scotland's wildlife

Donated by Wendy Collison

31st March 2018

For my beloved Mother Pegasus - who flew away to Peace - but never forgotten.

Donated by Elysabeth Callaway-Bond

20th March 2018

The grove should be planted with native Scots trees, bringing life back to barren hills, where all manner of animals can find shelter an can wander freely, without fear or hindrance. A lasting memorial to a wonderful person, which will grow and expand with time.

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Mrs A Vincent's grove
Trees in this grove: 71

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