Trees for Life 25th Birthday!

2018 is a year of anniversaries and milestones for Trees for Life. It is 25 years since we became a charity and 10 years since we purchased Dundreggan and transformed it into a Conservation Estate. In that time, with the help of thousands of volunteers, we’ve planted over 1,500,000 trees. 


That’s 164 trees planted every day for the last 25 years!
This new wild forest covers an area of 4,000 rugby pitches and will produce enough oxygen each day for the entire population of Scotland to breathe. The new trees are also a seed source for future generations of forest – and will continue to bring life back to denuded landscapes for hundreds of years to come.

We need at least £18,500 to deliver our forest restoration plans in 2018.
With your help we can continue to grow the Caledonian Forest. Planting trees requires fencing to protect the young trees from being eaten by deer, spades to dig holes to plant them, fertiliser to help them on their way and of course people to place them in the ground.
But before we can even get to this point, we have to find and collect the seed, sow over 1 million seeds each year in our nursery at Dundreggan and carefully nurture the seedlings by weeding and watering until they are ready to be planted.
Our work continues after the trees have been planted too. We protect the saplings from damage by deer, keep the fences in good repair, monitor their growth and check for diseases.
All this is made possible by our incredible team of skilled staff and dedicated volunteers who go out in all weathers in the remote and beautiful glens and mountains of the Scottish Highlands. This is no easy task but anyone visiting can see that it is worth it.

To donate by text send the code CALE25 followed by any amount up to £10 to 70070. For example text ‘CALE25 £10’ to donate £10.

Please make a general donation to Trees for Life to help us reach our 2 millionth planted tree.
By donating, you will be helping to create a new wild forest in the Highlands of Scotland - providing a safe home for all of the unique wildlife that depends on it.

Celebrate the 25th birthday of Trees for Life and give a present for the future of the forest. 


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