Corporate Supporters

Trees for Life enables companies from all sectors and parts of the UK to reduce their carbon footprint, meet environmental targets and deliver meaningful cause-related marketing initiatives.

If you are interested in engaging with Trees for Life, please contact Alex MacLeod on 01309 691292 or email

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About Argyll Walking Holidays

"About Argyll are dedicated to preserving and promoting the value of Scotland's wild areas by reducing the environmental impact of the walking holidays and ensuring the long-term sustainability of tourism in the area."

Ace Southern

"We are a privately owned company operating throughout Hampshire offering a comprehensive range of construction services to the commercial, private and public markets. As part of our on-going sustainable business strategy, Ace Southern is supporting Trees for Life, Scotland’s leading conservation volunteering charity."

Advantage Technical Resourcing

"In support of our ISO 14001 certification and our efforts to help offset our carbon footprint, we are delighted to be part of the Trees for Life initiative. We dedicate each of the trees planted in the Caledonian Forest in honour of our employees to mark their continued support and loyalty."

Adventures with Wilderness Scotland

"Sustainable tourism is at the heart of our business. We minimise environmental impact across all of our operations and we have carefully designed our experiences to ensure maximum benefit to rural communities throughout the Highlands."

Allwag Promotions

"Following an environmental audit conducted by one of our largest Contracts, we were delighted to receive an extremely high score of 94%. However, we still wish to help lower our environmental impact of the CO2 emissions through supporting the Trees for Life campaign."

Alternative Heat

We see Trees for Life as an ideal fit for our renewable energy business sector and recognise we have a corporate responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are delighted to support the restoration of the Caledonian Forest and help take action against climate change.



Amos Beech

Office interior design and furniture has long been associated with the use of wood.

On this page the leading Scottish commercial interiors company shows it's commitment continual improvement of our Environmental Management System.

Angel Anywhere

"Sending and storing parcels in an environmentally friendly manner as possible is of huge importance to Angel Anywhere, and in order to further reduce our carbon footprint, we've teamed up with the brilliant Trees for Life program."

Appliances Online

"We hope that by dedicating this grove we can highlight the importance of monitoring energy consumption in the home and do our small part to help the environment (and generate some smiles in doing so)."

APS Group Scotland

"As part of our on-going sustainable business strategy, APS Group Scotland is supporting Trees for Life, Scotland’s leading conservation volunteering charity."

Astra Zeneca

"Employees at the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca chose Trees for Life to be the beneficiary of the Give as You Earn Scheme. Astra Zeneca then chose to match this funding and arranged the employee's payroll accordingly."

Antenatal Results and Choices - ARC

"ARC has often heard from parents that they find it helps to do or create something that marks the loss of their baby. Planting a tree in the ARC grove may provide you with a special and permanent way of remembering. We have partnered up with Trees for Life to be able to make this possible. 10% of each donation you make will be donated to ARC."

Artists Project Earth

"APE will continue to plant trees in this Grove to compensate for some of the organisation’s business activities which will inevitably include the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere."

BDA inc

"BDA inc, with its premium brand, Spiritum, is dedicated to focusing on the growth and sustainability of our planet. With every Spiritum accessory sold, we contribute towards the planting of trees and the continued work of Trees for Life. Every tree in our grove is a gift from our loyal customers."

Beespoke Tours Ltd

"Our support for Trees for Life is really important to us as an additional way to give back to the environment, by planting trees for each person who comes on our tours. We make the effort to minimise our impact on the environment and by supporting Trees for Life we aim to redress the balance of carbon dioxide released."

Big Sky

"Big Sky, based in Findhorn, Scotland is the printers of choice for Trees for Life. It is one of the few truly eco-friendly printers in the UK, having recently received ISO 14001 accreditation. Big Sky is committed to reducing its negative environmental impacts, contributing to the quality of the human environment locally and supporting projects for re-forestation."

Big Domain

The Big Domain specialise in large holiday homes across the UK and beyond, enabling people to travel together and gather together - you can see the full collection at - Part of the reason why the UK remains an option to holidaymakers rather than heading abroad is its stunning landscapes, and without caring for them, the country would be a very different and less enjoyable place. Trees are the foundation for this and, with our support for Trees for Life, we hope to help a cause which does a brilliant job in protecting and preserving our landscapes and ecosystems, enabling them to be enjoyed by everyone for decades to come.


Blair House

“The vision of Blair House is to restore nature by inspiring people. The inspiration is in the place: it is a field centre in Glen Doll, a site of rich ecological importance at the heart of the Angus mountains. The restoration of nature begins here, in a very practical way: we ask visitors to donate one tree to the Caledonian Forest for each car journey they make to reach it.”

Blueprint Promotional Products

"Blueprint is committed to becoming a 'paper light' organisation, which is why we now have over 20,000 products on our new website reducing the need for expensive catalogues."

Brave Ideas Magazine

"Brave Ideas Magazine seeks to share and promote your brave ideas on health and social care in Glasgow. For every brave contribution you make, we'll plant a tree with Trees for Life."

Buddy Bear Design Company

"We believe in giving back to the environment, so we have pledged to donate 10% of every sale we make to Scotland's Trees for Life charity. These donations provide funds to allow the recreation of Scotlands ancient Caledonian forest."

Buypromoproducts Ltd

"Buypromoproducts supply high quality promotional products across the UK and worldwide, with over 25 years’ experience in both print and promotional merchandise. As part of our on-going commitment to sustainability we are delighted to have sponsored a grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands. "

"We are delighted to support of the Trees for Life campaign as part of our commitment operate an environmentally friendly business and minimise our carbon footprint. We are strong advocates of sustainable tourism and Scotland's epic outdoors deserve every protection. "

Carlyle Associates

"As part of our commitment to giving back to the wider community, we are proud to partner with Trees for Life to help reforestation in the Caledonian hills. For every successful assignment we undertake, we plant a tree in our dedicated Carlyle Grove."

Catching the Moments Photography 

"We are delighted to be part of Trees for Life. We are a family run business that love nature and want to help to create a beautiful wild forest for future generations!!"


"We wanted a charity that balanced our production with the planting of new trees. Trees For Life is that charity and keeps us sustainable and ethical. For every 10 products CARVD sells we will plant 1 tree to aid the restoration of the beautiful Caledonian Forest."

Cash Generator

"Giving products a new lease of life is important for the environment to save things being wasted or dumped. Cash Generator Inverness is proud to support the work of Trees For Life in restoring the Caledonian Forest to its former glory with our corporate grove and we encourage customers to make a donation so that more trees can be planted."


"CBES have teamed up with Trees for Life as part of the continual improvement of our already achieved BSI ISO 14001 and we hope this will encourage others within the Construction Supply Chain to follow suit and further highlight the Construction Industry’s obligation to the environment."

Ceilidh Club

The very best fully taught Scottish dance night, holding regular ceilidhs in London.

Chalice Charters

"We can't deny that we generate carbon dioxide in delivering our holidays and we feel that as we're enjoying ourselves in an amazing natural environment, whatever we can do to minimise any negative impact we may have is worthwhile."


Changeworks is a leading environmental charity and thriving social enterprise with over 20 years’ experience in sustainability. We work with organisations, communities and individuals to deliver practical solutions that reduce carbon emissions, fuel poverty and waste.

City Quay Joinery

Building our business on client at a time City Quay Joinery & Building Services are an established, professional and reputable joinery and building services business working for the domestic and commercial markets in Dundee and the surrounding areas.

Chartered Insurance Institute

"The CII chose to support Trees for Life's reforestation programme in the Scottish Highlands because Trees for Life are a UK charity and provided bespoke corporate support schemes which they were able to tailor to the CII."

Coille NWC

Our grove is vital to us as individuals and as a company. It represents the pleasure we get from nature in a great Scottish habitat, and our commitment to protecting this landscape and its ecology as best as well possibly can, as well as offsetting the carbon we we produce from our activities.


"We spent sometime looking for a charity partner who would offer synergy between the product, our business and our trade partners and Trees for Life are the perfect fit. One key appeal for us is that the money raised can be directly equated to a specific number of trees planted."  


"Sustainability is not a buzzword at Como. We have a genuine commitment to minimise our impact on the environment. In line with our corporate targets, Como is committed to increasing the area of ecologically valuable habitat created on our projects. Where it is not possible to create on-site habitat, we have established a partnership with Trees for life to off-set our site works through payments to plant and restore ancient woodlands."  


"ConnetU have partnered with Trees for Life. For every server rented by clients, another tree is planted in our grove and the client is presented with a certificate. This is part of an effort, over the long term, to compensate for the emissions ConnetU indirectly generates and to rebuild the natural beauty of the UK."  

David Tyrrell Spiritual Facilitator

"I have chosen to set up the Grove so that I can donate directly to plant a tree each time my work takes me further a field either by car or plane. I hope also that the setting up of this project will assist and sustain many forms of life upon our host planet earth." 


"DCV Ltd has donated to Trees for Life over several years and supports the goal of restoring the natural forests of Scotland. DCV Ltd is also proud to be a Friend of Dundreggan."

Diageo Suisse

"Diageo held a whisky auction with the proceeds raised from the event going towards Trees for Life's purchase of the 10,000 acres Dundreggan estate for future reforesting."

Dynamic Planner

"We have a strong culture at Dynamic Planner, with a strong set of environmental values and practices including; efficient resource use, recycling waste, energy efficient air conditioning, screens and computers, car sharing and cycling support and staff education. We truly believe in a future with natural habits, where future generations can enjoy what we have, without having to worry about greenhouse gases. Please join us by helping anyway you can."


"The charity supports the Caledonian Forest restoration because we believe in giving back to nature."


"The charity supports the Caledonian Forest restoration because we believe in giving back to nature."

Envirosphere Jobs

"With a passion for the environment. envirospherejobs has the clear vision of an environmentally-conscious business. Delivering a jobs board solution to both clients and job seekers. We plant a tree for every paid for job posting and donate 25% of our profits back into Environmental causes."

End of the Road Festival

End of the Road aims to be an environmentally friendly Festival and we're pleased our ticket holders do too. Instead of charging ticket transaction fees we give our punters the chance to 'give something back' to the environment by purchasing a tree when placing their order. Since the beginning of the scheme, thousands of trees have been planted in the Scottish Highlands on their behalf. They now find themselves being allocated to the festival's very own 'End of the Road Grove'. 


"We aim to plant 2025 trees by the year 2025. This is an ambitious target but one we feel can be achieved with the support of our customers, who have already been showing enormous enthusiasm for this project."



Exploration Architecture

"Exploration Architecture is an innovative architectural practice that draws its inspiration from nature."

Extraordinary Adventure Club

"The Extraordinary Adventure Club provide bespoke and revolutionary programmes of self discovery and self mastery. We help people unlock and activate their inherent resilience and recalibrate their perceptions of both themselves and the world in which they wish to live. The majority of our work takes place in wilderness, and creating recognition of the value of these spaces is key. Being based in Forres, we recognise how crucial the Caledonian Forest ecosystem is. Each member of our team is inspired, engaged and driven to protect and promote its wellbeing, and a monthly donation to Trees For Life allows us to do this."

Festival Wood

A Greener Festival chose to team with Trees for Life to create the Festival Wood, due to their proven and outstanding commitment to restoring, protecting and nurturing the wild forests in the Scottish Highlands.

First Scotrail

"As Scotland's national rail operator we believe we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. By working together we can play our part in helping to restore Scotland's Caledonian Forest ­ and safeguard Scotland¹s precious natural landscape for future generations."

Future Forestry

"Taking trees down is the core of our business, supporting Trees for Life is our way of ensuring that something is put back in to go some way in compensating for the work that we do. We will plant a tree for every customer that we take trees down for and encourage our customers to do the same."


"Everyone in the company is proud that we are playing a part in conserving one of the UK's great natural wildernesses. Our annual contribution will see 400 trees planted and we look forward to enjoying a long and fruitful partnership together."

The Gentleman's Groom Room

"The Gentleman's Groom Room are proud to support Trees for Life in its environmental work for this country and to help restore a Caledonian Forest as a home for wildlife, as our Caledonian Forests, we believe, are truly, The Essence Of Scotland."

Glen Affric Westward B&B

"Westward B&B supports Trees for life in its ambition to regenerate the Caledonian Pine Forest in Glen Affric. We are delighted to welcome travellers from all over the world who come to visit this unique environment and donating a grove of trees is an opportunity to help carbon offset their journeys. We aim to purchase a tree a month to help create a sustainable forest for the future. Thank you for your help."


Go Panda

"Go Panda is a family run Cardiff removals company offering bespoke removals tailored to our customer's specific needs. We provide a reliable removal service from start to finish, taking care of our customer's belongings every step of the way. We are proud to offer a premium removal service without the premium price tag. Our number one priority is maintaining the high-quality level of customer service that we have become renowned for."

Go Promotional

"With the environment becoming ever more to the forefront of people’s minds, and corporate environmental responsibility becoming a high priority, GoPromotional have taken considerable steps to ensure that our carbon footprint matches the aspirations of many of our clients. GoPromotional is delighted to be associated with the Trees For Life’s campaign, and the support of woodlands and wildlife that live in them."


"The environment means a lot to us, we hold our IS014001 accreditation which we achieved back in 2003. Our estimating system advises the most eco-friendly way to print each individual job and we regularly promote green initiatives.

Great British Trips

"We are incredibly proud to be playing a small part in the re-planting of this unbelievably beautiful area of Scotland. The fantastic work being done here by Trees for Life is an incredible story and we love to be able to share that story with our customers."

Greendawn Accounting

"As visitors to Scotland we have grown to love the beauty of the landscapes and in particular the areas still covered by the Caledonian forest. We value the vision of Trees for Life who are working to restore the Caledonian forest, a legacy which will be appreciated and valued by future generations."

The Healthy Tree Company

"Our motto is to be 'in pursuit of life', and that's exactly why we chose to work with Trees for Life as we believe that there is little more rewarding than helping to preserve and grow the natural woodland and ecosystems that make our world breathe."

Haggis Adventures

"We love Scotland, but we would love Scotland even more with the Caledonian Forest restored. The forest is a key part in the Scotland Story that our guides passionately give to our passengers."

Hamilton and Inches

"We are delighted to join Trees for Life. The decision to become supporters was a team one. We have been sensitive to the necessity of reducing paper waste and recycling for some time and encouraged by the positive step in introducing a carrier bag fee by the Scottish Government, we decided to further our action in joining this dedicated charity."

Haycock and Jay Associates

"We share the vision of Trees for Life who are working to restore the Caledonian Forest over a substantial area, and believe that this tree planting will reduce the impact of unavoidable emissions we have generated whilst conducting our business."

The Hazel Tree

"From reading about Britain's native trees and the Caledonian Forest, I want to lend my support to the work that Trees for Life is doing in conserving and regenerating these precious natural habitats. All these woodlands, and the wild flowers and vibrant wildlife communities that flourish alongside them, are a unique legacy that we cannot afford to lose."

Highland Campervans

"We are delighted to offer support to an organisation which is committed to making a big difference in such an important area of conservation. Customers are made aware of our preference to conduct business via email and telephone in the first instance and therefore avoid sending out paper needlessly, which is also why we refer people to our website for information."

Highland Experience Tours

"We are currently involved in supporting the fantastic work of the Scottish charity, Trees for Life, by helping them with their quest to restore our native Caledonian woodlands. We encourage all of our guests to get involved in some way with Trees for Life, including making voluntary donations or dedicating trees to friends and family members."

Highland Explorer Tours

"Our team strongly believe in putting something back and we are delighted to support Tree for Life to help preserve Scotland's natural environment and biodiversity for future generations."

Highland Hobo

"From each of our bookings we donate £5 to Trees for Life, which plants a tree in our grove as we strongly believe in putting something back. As many of our hirers want to see the landscapes of Scotland, it is essential that this natural beauty is here for generations to come."

Highland Titles

Highland Titles donated a total of £3700 to Trees for Life between 2013 and 2016 in support of the renovation of the bothy base for our tree planting volunteers at Athnamulloch in Glen Affric, and towards our general work to restore the Caledonian Forest. In 2015 we were contracted by Highland Titles to plant 1100 trees at their Bumblee Haven site. We planted a mix of native species which suited the site conditions and included rowan, eared willow and downy birch. 
The last donation we received from Highland Titles was in 2016. Our relationship has since ended.

"We are delighted to support Trees for Life in the protection and promotion of Scotland's wild areas, and hope that in doing so we can help protect the landscape and its unique wildlife for future generations."

Hyperion Executive Search

"At Hyperion Executive Search we are passionate about the environment and the natural world. It isn’t by accident that we have for many years been active in the renewable energy and environmental sector. We are therefore delighted to support organisations that do fantastic work in the fight against climate change and its consequences. Our very own tree grove is one element of our commitment." 


"Document Management System, iDOX Soft, was designed to integrate the entire documentation process across an organisation and automate it. We understand it's not easy to dispense of paper, but with our solution you will reduce the use of paper and save trees from being cut down. Through "iDOX Go Real Green" partnering with Trees for Life, we are not only saving trees, we are planting them!" 


"Ingeus is all about people. We take pride in only delivering services that make a genuine difference to people's lives, including employment and health programmes, services for young people, training and skills support, and probation services." 

Inspired Building Systems

"Inspired Building Systems are delighted to be supporting Trees for Life and believe that creating our own grove will facilitate introducing the concept and mission of Trees for Life to our partners and schools." 

Inspire Catering

"Inspire Catering is a Scottish caterer wholly independently owned by David Pease and Lorna McFarlane. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest local products and services, wherever possible supporting farmers and growers throughout Scotland and the UK. We will always seek to minimise the effect our service provision has on the environment and are delighted to continue our support of Trees for Life in its restoration of the Caledonian Forest." 

Isra Eco-Chalet

"To further raise environmental awareness, and to give something back to the environment, we have pledged to plant a tree for every group that stays at Eco-Chalet Isra. We aim to have your stay at Isra Eco-Chalet make a positive impact on both local & planetary environment; each small step counts, each one of us can make a difference."


At ISG we are all responsible for protecting and preserving our natural environments; as a construction services company responsible for shaping the places of tomorrow, we take that responsibility particularly seriously. Not only do we challenge our construction teams to resource efficiently, but we strive to be leaders for our customers in achieving or surpassing their environmental goals. In our offices, we urge our people to think and act responsibly, by showing leadership and setting behavioural standards. 


Jackson's Art Supplies

"We pledge to plant a tree for every Jackson's watercolour set we sell. Like many of our customers, the staff at Jackson’'s are inspired by the beauty of landscape and nature and so this scheme seems like the perfect way to support a very worthy cause."

Libris Systems

"The way we work has drastically reduced the amount of printing our clients require, not only saving them thousands in their marketing budgets, but also saving thousands of trees. Our goal is to help Trees for Life plant more trees by educating our clients to change the way they work, a win win for everyone and for the environment. "

The Lovat Hotel

"Suppliers, guests & the team all contribute to the hotel’s sustainable measures – whether energy saving, feedback, biodiversity and the all important carbon footprint. It is the latter that has an active role in the hotel’s operation as the Lovat monitors and calculates the carbon footprint of each guest so that is can then make a carbon conscious donation through Trees for Life."


"Like any eco-savvy company, we re-use, reduce and recycle. It boils down to common sense. Taking care of our planet is really just taking care of ourselves. Everyone benefits."

MacLeod and MacCallum

"We strive to positively enhance our socially and environmentally responsible business, and we seek to minimize our negative impact on climate change. We are delighted to demonstrate our positive commitment to the environment by the setting up of a Corporate Grove with Trees for Life."

Mayport Ltd

"Our commitment to a sustainable product is demonstrated in our relationship with Trees For Life. In addition to Urzedowski's own re-planting initiatives we have agreed to plant 10 new trees in the Caledonian Forest for every contract signed by Mayport Ltd in the United Kingdom."

Media Co-op

"We've been planting trees with Trees for Life for some time now to mark the completion of our projects so we thought it would be even better to start our own grove and watch it grow."

Meeting Media Company

"We have bought a company grove in the Caledonian Forest, a world-famous green restoring project of Trees for Life. The idea is to plant a meetings tree on every occasion we think fit: associations, industry partners, friends, etc, with outstanding or original initiative to make the world a better place. And it will go on like that, until we've planted thousands of trees together with the entire meetings industry. Then the big dream will be accomplished: a real Meetings Forest!"

Modus Dental Clinic

MODUS Advanced Dental Clinic provides cutting edge dentistry in a caring and friendly environment. We provide specialist gum treatments, simple and complex dental implant treatments, root canal treatments and orthodontics (braces) as well as simply caring for the dental health of your family!

Moody's Foundation

We are focused on activating an environmentally sustainable future through internal efforts in our workplaces globally such as the Moody’s Environmental Task Force as well as with the tools and services we provide to others such as the Moody’s Investor Services ESG Initiative and the Moody’s Green Bond Assessment.

Mozolowski and Murray

"Our support for Trees for Life, demonstrates our dedication to helping restore the Scottish forests so Mozolowski & Murray will donate ten trees for every conservatory or extension we build and five trees for every window installation."

Mr Kite Benefits

"Trees for Life was selected as a good recipient of their efforts after one of the Mr Kite Benefits team saw an inspiring talk at a conference by founder, Alan Watson Featherstone. Many of the team have connections to Scotland via relatives or happy memories of holidays and are pleased to be involved in this way."

Naturally Useful

"Naturally Useful has chosen to support Trees for Life to showcase our green credentials and promote sustainability. We will plant one tree to restore the Caledonian Forest for every willow coffin sold."

Naturesave Insurance

"The Naturesave Grove celebrates the continued support from our long-standing clients who have insured their property with Naturesave for the past 10 years or more. Naturesave has a strong commitment to environmental and ethical issues and is delighted to assist in the conservation and expansion of our national, native woodland."


"Northshots is a long-standing supporter of Trees for Life and makes an annual financial contribution to the planting and regeneration of the Caledonian pine forest in northern Scotland. In addition to our own commitment, we have set up this Corporate Grove to enable our photo tours guests to make additional donations directly through Trees for Life."

Oliver and Jenkinson

"Because we take all of our ingredients from nature we have a responsibility to give as much back to nature as we can. One of our main ingredients is Pine Needle Oil taken from the Scots Pine Tree. This makes supporting Trees for Life even more special to us because we can actually help to put back the very tree we use. We are proud to be supporting Trees for Life and have pledged to donate at least 10p from every bottle of oil we sell."

Onflight Couriers

"Being situated in Farringdon, we at Onflight Couriers are very aware of the lack of green, abundance of pollutants and sardineisation of the daily commute into and within London. We are therefore very pleased that we can support Trees for life and the wonderful work that they do in trying to redress this imbalance."

Paramo Directional Clothing

"Páramo launched its new outdoor jacket aimed at wildlife watchers and photographers, it did so with a swing tag telling customers about Trees for Life, making a donation from each Pájaro jacket sold to retailers to buy a sapling to be planted in the Caledonian Forest."

Past Due Credit Solutions

"To help us reduce our impact on the environment we are supporting Trees for Life's work to restore the Caledonian Forest. We have started our grove with 50 trees and have committed to plant 10 trees per month."

Pearce and Pearce Surveyors Ltd

"We appreciate that we all have a part to play in giving something back. We are pleased to commit to becoming more carbon conscious and for every case that we undertake, we donate a tree to be planted in Scotland's Caledonian Forest. Not only does this help restore this ancient wilderness back to its former glory but also helps lower our impact on the environment, thus helping us achieve our environmental goals."

Perfect Chair Company

"The replanting of the great and ancient Caledonian forest is very close to our hearts; the vast area that Trees For Life are looking to replant is staggering and, as a Scottish company that uses broad leaf hardwood as a major component in its manufacturing process, we feel that we have an obligation to help in this project in particular."

Photo Boards

"Our new Photo Boards photo backdrops are loved by creative business owners around the world, but the manufacturing and dispatch of plastic boards to global destinations has a negative impact on our beautiful planet. We decided to turn each sale into positive action. Thanks to the sales of Photo Boards we can plant trees with Trees for Life that will benefit the planet and local eco-system."

The Prepaid Funeral Review

"Between us, the team here at the Prepaid Funeral Review have a large number of children and grandchildren, consequently we are keen to help the environment as much as possible. We want our great grandchildren to live in a viable world. So we jumped at the chance to help replace some of the millions of trees which have been lost since the industrial revolution and before."

Pristine Clean Services

"We strive to positively enhance our socially and environmentally responsible business, and we seek to minimize our negative impact on climate change. We are delighted to demonstrate our positive commitment to the environment by the setting up of a Corporate Grove with Trees for Life."

Probate Department

"Legacy Protection Trusts can allow you to create a "family bank" which can look after the interests of your family for years to come. In fact a Legacy Protection Trust can carry on looking after your family, or favourite charity, for up to 125 years. That is what we call a legacy!"

Red Squirrel Brands

"Through sales of our innovative Gingernut Liqueur, the world's first liqueur sweetened with natural sugars and known-allergen free, Red Squirrel Brands are delighted to be able to support Trees for Life’s inspiring project to reintroduce red squirrels to the northwest Scottish Highlands."


"We have moved from a paper based solution to an electronic questionnaire and as a result we will save time, effort and paper for ourselves and our clients. We are pleased to be able to pass these savings on to Trees for Life and have committed to plant one tree for every 5 completed surveys that we receive. We hope that generations to come will be able to enjoy the forests that Trees for Life are dedicated to planting."

Roots of Life

"It is our hope that by providing you support at a time when you need it, we can help to steady and build on your roots and your strengths, which we hope in turn will lead to a sturdier, happier and more successful you in all realms of life not just one."

Ross Promotional Products

"Operating from the central belt of Scotland, we feel that, by joining together with Trees for Life, we can do our bit, to help reduce carbon emissions, help slow down climate change & restore the natural habitat of the Caledonian Forest."

Rotary Peace

"This Rotary Peace Grove at Dundreggan was funded by Rotary Clubs in the North and East of Scotland (District 1010"

The Rumblie

"This grove has been set up as part of The Rumblie’s sustainable approach to its operations. We welcome our friends and guests in supporting this grove and Trees for Life’s efforts in the restoration of wild forests."


"Schöffel was founded in 1804 in Bavaria, Germany and has, over the past seven generations, prospered by combining innovation and technology with a passion for superb styling and outstanding quality. Schöffel commits to buying a tree for each item sold online to help restore the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands."

Scottish Beasties

"Our brand stands for fun, education, conservation, innovation and quality - traits that we see mirrored in Trees for Life. That is why Scottish Beasties® is delighted to be helping them in their marvellous work to restore the Caledonian Forest as a thriving environment for all the species living there."


"SEC Ltd (SEC) is aware of the potential impact that the events staged at the Scottish Event Campus can have on the environment. It is committed to further growth and development of its exhibition, conference and events business and intends to pursue this objective whilst operating the venue in an environmentally sustainable way wherever possible."


"Since we love to give back to nature, we plant a tree trough Trees for Life for every 500 packages we produce. Seepje fully supports this great initiative and is proud to be part of planting a million more trees!"

Serenata Flowers

"Serenata are really pleased to help Trees For Life to safeguard and plant new trees in the beautiful Scottish landscape. We believe this will not only create a beautiful wild forest but also help to reduce the impact of climate change whilst expanding habitats for rare wildlife."

SeTwo Ltd

"In addition to using sustainable materials, we have committed to donating every month through Trees for Life. Whilst contributing to the regeneration of trees in the Caledonian Forest, it is also a way of offsetting the materials that we use. We are proud to be supporting a British Forest and its restoration."

Sharp Cat

"We are very enthusiastic about working with Trees for Life and from April 2015 with every mailing project that Sharp Cat carries out a new tree will be planted. Working with our insightful clients, together our Trees for Life grove is going to develop into a forest."

Silver Jungle

"I’d Chew Yew! is supporting Trees for Life. For every copy bought directly from our online shop, we will donate £1 to help create a silver grove in the Caledonian forest. We have long wanted to plant a silver jungle and are delighted that Trees for Life can do this for us."

Simpsons Garden Centre

"Setting up a Trees for Life grove means we are able to to show a positive commitment to our surrounding environment. Our staff as well as our customers have the opportunity to be involved in this wonderful project on our doorstep and conserving this natural forest environment for future generations."

Spark e-Commerce

"As a group, Spark eCommerce supports many local and national charities, and has raised over £43,000 for chosen projects in the last 10 years. Via our retail brands, customers have also donated an additonal £7,500 to Trees for Life in the last few years."

Speirs Gumley

"The work ethic and vision of Trees for Life mirror our own and as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment we are encouraging our clients to go paperless. For every client that signs up to the scheme we will make further contributions to Trees for Life as we aim to help them reach their goal of expanding the Caledonian Forest with a million more trees by 2018."

Standard Life plc

"Trees for Life were an obvious choice and the perfect partner for us. Their Caledonian Forest restoration project is of significant global importance and at the same time we were delighted to be supporting a very hard working UK charity with visible results."

Standard Life Bank

"Standard Life Bank, the sister company of Standard Life, ran a promotion similar to Standard Life, encouraging its customers to switch to online banking to reduce the amount of paper it uses."

Straven Guest House

"We want to offset our own carbon footprint and are also keenly aware that we get visitors to Edinburgh from all over the world and so try to encourage them to offset the effects of travel so we suggest that they help by donation to help our own Caledonian forests."

Stay In Cornwall

Stay In Cornwall is your one-stop shop for everything Cornwall, whether you're looking for attractions to visit or places to stay. We understand how important Britain's landscape is to holidaymakers and hope to help protect it to be enjoyed by many generations to come by planting a corporate grove for Trees for Life.

Streamline Taxis (York) Ltd

"Streamline are committed to making all changes practicable in reducing our carbon footprint including the replacement of larger engine vehicles to both hybrid and electric. Amongst changes within the company, Streamline Taxis (York) Ltd. are a strong supporter of Trees for Life and aim to continue making contributions in order for the charity to continue their essential work."


"We are proud that our donations will benefit a home-grown organisation and contribute towards the regeneration of an important and ancient natural area."

Support Tree

"We are very Green Aware and always keep in mind obligations to the environment, particularly ‘Green IT’, and reduction of the carbon footprint – planting this grove is a way of symbolising our commitment to being Green. We are delighted to be supporting Trees for Life and have pledged to plant a tree every time we get a new Client so we can grow together."

Sussex Promotions

"Sussex Promotions is a carbon conscious company we wish to help lower the environmental impact of the CO2 emissions from our operations through supporting the Trees for Life campaign."

Sweet Little Tinkers

"Sweet Little Tinkers ethically produces Eco-friendly snuggle blankets for your little tinkers."

Swift Ecology

"Swift Ecology has partnered with Trees for Life to plant trees in order to offset the carbon of our car journeys. We are frequent visitors to Scotland and are very concerned about the plight of iconic Scottish species, some of which, such as the red squirrel and pine marten, we have been directly involved in the conservation of. Our intention is to donate annually, depending on journeys made, to plant trees in this beautiful landscape."

Technical Wind Services

"Technical Wind Services Ltd prides their self on being one of the most environmentally friendly companies offering these services. As well as donating a percentage of all profit to Trees for Life, we are using the most environmentally friendly techniques and procedures available."

Technopolis Group

"We have set ambitious targets to reduce our impact but we recognise the impact we do make needs to be compensated. We believe there is no better way to achieve this than by helping Trees of Life restore the Caledonian Forest to its original glory."

Timberbush Tours

"We can’t wait to show off Scotland’s beautiful natural heritage to our guests, and we truly appreciate the importance of giving something back to our countryside, taking excellent care of it, and preserving it for future generations. We encourage our guests to make a donation to Trees For Life when booking their tours."

Tori Ratcliffe

"Tori Ratcliffe is an Edinburgh based artist with a passion for the natural world. When she isn't painting, Tori is trying to find new ways to utilise her artwork to raise both money and awareness for wildlife and conservation. Tori became a corporate supporter in 2015, donating her artwork for our Sponsor a Squirrel packs as well as volunteering on our Conservation Weeks. Keep an eye on our online shop for new Tori Ratcliffe prints and merchandise! "

The Touring Network

"The Touring Network exists to see rural touring be a central, celebrated and indispensable part of the cultural life of Scotland. We exist to enable live performances of the highest level, transforming people as promoters, performers and audiences to create vibrant places to live, work and visit."


"At Treetwist we are committed to making a conscious effort to be kind to the environment. We believe that every small step makes a difference. Treetwist supports Trees for Life with quarterly donations, based on the sale of their products, since December 2006, and have supported the purchase and planting of over 1,500 trees."

Unicorn Grocery

"Unicorn Grocery has been supporters of Trees for Life since 1999, with an annual donation in relation to the transport used to get the produce it sells to its door."

Vegetarian Express Ltd

"Vegetarian Express was founded in 1987, and has since become the UK's premier specialist distributor of Vegetarian & Vegan products within the foodservice sector."


"VMware are delighted to be supporting Trees for Life’s work to restore the Caledonian Forest through the creation of this VMware Grove. We understand that it’s not always easy being ‘Green’, but we are taking big steps to do our part to protect our planet and conserve the earth’s energy."

Wandern Schottland

"All of our customers know how much we love the Scottish countryside and environment and appreciate. We hold Trees for Life as a visionary and inspiring organisation that actively and practically commits to the preservation and extension of the original Caledonian Forest."

Western isles Hotel

"We are very conscious that we and our guests should minimise our impact on the environment. For each copy of ‘The Terror of Tobermory’ sold to guests we donate £5 to buy a Tree for Life in the Caledonian Forest. At just £12 (unsigned) and £15 for a signed book, it’s recycling at its best!"

White Badger

"We chose Trees for Life as phase one in becoming carbon neutral due to the wonderful work they do. The trees and plant life they look after are beautiful, and we are going to try our best in order to help their cause."


For 2018 we created a company challenge named, “Run for Trees,” where our employees will run/cycle everyday to be able to plant as many trees as possible by the end of 2018.

Woody's Vegetarian Cafe

"This grove has been set up for Woody's Vegetarian Cafe, for all who work, eat and enjoy there."

wpd Scotland 

"wpd believes that the regeneration of native woodland and habitats will provide long-lasting benefits to those communities involved. In addition, education and volunteer programmes will spread awareness of important habitat issues that are applicable all across Scotland. Further to direct support, wpd will be encouraging business partners to share in this vision and also support the mission of Trees for Life."

Young Scot 

"Young Scot has developed a package of #iwill Rewards, supporting young people to be involved in social action across their communities; translating as volunteering, campaigning and fundraising. We have chosen to partner with Trees for Life to support a cause that young people across Scotland are passionate about. Young Scot Rewards users will be able to ‘donate’ their points to trees being planted and contribute to the restoration of the Caledonian Forest."


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