Corporate Groves

"As the years have passed, we have become more and more proud of our grove, not just because we wholeheartedly support the aims and visions of Trees for Life, but also because it is helping to rewild a little bit of the planet. That feels really good!"

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Planting trees for your company is simple and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty – unless you want to!

Corporate Groves are one of our most popular schemes. As one partner told us:

"We can see and clearly identify our contribution to restoring the Caledonian Forest. We can see the pictures, count the trees and say ‘We did that."

Because of this sense of ownership and achievement, Corporate Groves appeal to organisations of all sizes and can grow, quite literally, with your business.

Companies from many different sectors have started a corporate grove including: finance, professional services, tourism, property development, construction, printing, photography, joinery, logistics, retail, food and drink.

On setting up a Corporate Grove, partners receive their own page on our website to present both company information and environmental policies. An online ‘tree tally’ illustrates how many trees are planted in the grove creating a great visual impact for visitors to this page. More trees can be added at any time from the link on the grove page.

Yes, I want to start a grove of trees

To discuss your company's tree planting requirements, please contact Karen Mitchell on 01309 691292 or email 

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