Go Paperless

Go Paperless is a Trees for Life initiative that makes good business sense: reducing paper use, saving money, minimising waste and minimising carbon footprint.

The costs of paper and postage are considerable for companies which need to communicate regularly with their customers. However, it can be difficult to motivate customers to sign up to paperless e-statements. Offering to plant a tree is an attractive incentive to encourage customers to switch to e-communications and is a very effective way to boost your conversion rates.

The benefits of Go Paperless are:

  1. Saving money, meeting environmental targets and minimising carbon footprint
  2. Enabling companies to plant trees for customers who ‘go paperless’ 
  3. Providing companies with a compelling and tangible incentive to encourage customers to switch to e-statements and communications
  4. Raising awareness of the benefits of paper-saving and other green business practices amongst staff through involvement with an environmental project that has a lasting beneficial impact. 

Go Paperless Case Study

"Through our Treemail and Go Paperless schemes with Trees for Life, we have been able to considerably reduce the environmental impact of our communications with shareholders and achieve significant financial savings."

Head of CSR - Standard Life

Standard Life launched its 'Treemail' promotion for the Standard Life Assurance Company in partnership with Trees for Life. This was an enormous success and led to the company receiving over half a million e-mail addresses from members who opted to receive their shareholder communications electronically.

Since then Standard Life’s current 'Go Paperless' activity aims to encourage as many customers as possible to sign-up to receive their statements via a secure, online Document Centre rather than receive paper statements. Standard Life pledged to plant a new seedling for the first 10,000 customers signing-up to the Document Centre and they met this target within six months.

Standard Life has planted 167,000 trees in the Scottish Highlands through their Go Paperless scheme. Company employees have also taken part as volunteers to help plant some of these trees, benefiting from rewarding and enjoyable team building activities which have made a valuable contribution to their company’s environmental objectives.

Please contact Colin Mackenzie-Blackman, Marketing and Fundraising Manager, on 01309 691292 or email Colin Mackenzie-Blackman



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