Help the Reds Return

Image © Neil McIntyre


There are places in the north-west Highlands of Scotland where pine forests exist that no longer have any red squirrels. These forests would be perfect habitat for the reds but they cannot colonise them without our help. 

Can you help us raise £22,000 to ensure a better future for red squirrels?


Your donation would help us to re-introduce red squirrels to the empty forests that they cannot reach on their own.

This work is really important because red squirrels are threatened by the spread of invasive grey squirrels from the south. Greys were introduced to the UK in 1870. Now there are over 3 million of them, compared to just 120,000 red squirrels. If we can ensure the reds live in forests that grey squirrels cannot invade, we will be helping to conserve them forever.

We know that we can rescue the reds. For the last three years, Trees for Life has been carefully capturing red squirrels from their strongholds and transporting them to new forest. It has been hugely successful with 132 red squirrels released in 6 locations so far. They have been seen exploring their new woodland homes and successfully breeding. Communities now have the joy of seeing red squirrels in their local forests and gardens.


Please make a donation to help us do more of this vital work

  • Red squirrels to be introduced to up to 8 new forests.
  • New populations of red squirrels to grow and thrive in forest sanctuaries safe from grey squirrels.
  • The natural expansion of forests, propagated by forgetful squirrels!
  • More people seeing and enjoying red squirrels, one of our best-loved and most treasured wild animals.


Every donation helps the red squirrels

Red squirrels have an amazing sense of smell. Imagine them picking up the scent of distant forests they could be living in, but being too afraid to cross large areas of open ground because they might be caught and eaten by predators. We can bridge that gap and give the red squirrels a safe future. Please help.


Any surplus funds raised by this appeal will be used by Trees for Life to fund other activities which help restore the wild forest habitat. ​​

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