The New Beinn Bhan Forest

Planting will begin in a new area of Dundreggan in Spring 2019 and we need your help to create this new forest. 

The planting site at Beinn Bhan will be challenging because it is over 500 metres above sea level. From these heights you can see Glen Affric and the mountains that surround it. It is the perfect setting for rare and specialised trees such as dwarf birch and downy willow. These tough ‘montane’ trees are able to grow near the tops of mountains where there are high winds and dramatic temperature changes. 

In order to grow genetically diverse trees that are resistant to disease we need to brave difficult, high elevation terrain to collect cuttings from these rare species. This usually involves qualified climbers collecting cuttings from ledges and vertical surfaces of rocky crags. We have already started growing seed we collected from Glen na Ciche, however to boost genetic diversity and so grow stronger and healthier trees we need to do more. 

As well as enabling a new forest to grow, your donation will also help wildlife because the new forest will be a perfect home for iconic mountain wildlife – like black grouse, ring ouzel, mountain hare and golden eagle. These trees will be important in retaining soils and help with better water management in upland areas. This in turn helps to reduce localised flooding.

Please help us raise £20,000 to create a new forest at Beinn Bhan.

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Creating a habitat for animals like black grouse, mountain hare, golden eagle and ring ouzel.

Just like the new forest we have created at Allt Ruadh at Dundreggan, the new forest at Beinn Bhan will be planted with the help of our incredible volunteers. They will plant these tough montane trees in this beautiful and iconic landscape. These trees will become the parents of many future generations of trees as Dundreggan becomes rewilded. 

Your donation will enable us to:

• Collect seed and cuttings from rare montane species such as woolly willow.

• Grow these rare species in our nursery ready for planting at Beinn Bhan. 

• Provide on-going ecological monitoring, so we can track the impact of reintroducing trees on other species. 

This means that: 

• A new forest will be planted and start to rewild naturally in Beinn Bhan at Dundreggan; 

• Rarer species of trees will be given the opportunity to grow and thrive such as dwarf birch and juniper; 

• Other species will be encouraged to return to the landscape such as ring ouzel and golden eagle, birds that favour higher elevation terrain. 

With your help, we can create a new forest of special and rare trees, themselves supporting an array of life for generations to come. Please donate today to help ensure that the once widespread native forests of Scotland have a secure future. 

Please donate


Any surplus funds raised by this appeal will be used by Trees for Life to fund other activities which help restore the wild forest habitat. Golden eagle and black grouse images ©

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