Athnamulloch Bothy

Athnamulloch Bothy is situated in the heart of Glen Affric. The newly renovated bothy is the home of our Glen Affric Conservation Weeks. There is no mains electricity and no mobile reception or WiFi, however this hugely popular accommodation is nestled amongst spectacular mountains sitting alongside the meandering River Affric providing outstanding views. When staying here, there will be daily chores such as chopping firewood, collecting water and cleaning tools as well as cooking communal meals. 

The bothy has been renovated to a high ecological standard while retaining its rustic character. A kitchen, living room, bedrooms, drying room, wood burning stoves, composting toilet and a bathroom with eco-friendly energy and water systems have been installed, new timbers and flooring have replaced rotten woodwork, and a porch now provides for drier entry into the building, which is crucial given the area’s very wet climate.

Hiring the bothy

Works were completed on the bothy in the spring of 2016 after our Appeal successfully raised the required funds. Below are images that show the process of the renovations.

Before renovation, September 2012

Mid-renovation with a new roof, January 2016

The finished bothy, June 2016


The very rustic kitchen area before renovation

The newly fitted kitchen


One of the new bedrooms

Another bedroom making the most of the roof space


In October 2016, Joan Fairhurst, one of our Conservation Week group leaders who is a very talented artist, painted some beautiful Caledonian Forest landscape scenes on the walls of the bothy...

Athnamulloch landscape on the back wall of the kitchen


This painting of Scots pines and birch trunks fills the stairwell in the cottage

Athnamulloch landscape in one of the upstairs bedrooms

Closer view of the Athnamulloch landscape in the bedroom


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