"Beautiful place. Enjoyable work. It's great to be able to contribute to nature so directly."


Owned by Trees for Life, Dundreggan is an area of 10,000 acres of land in beautiful Glen Moriston, near Loch Ness. Adjoining the River Moriston Special Area of Conservation, its ancient woodlands include a remnant of Caledonian pinewood and rare birch-juniper woodland. With a diverse range of montane habitats, moors and burns, Dundreggan is a haven for biodiversity, supporting many rare and endangered species. 

Dundreggan is the location of our two weeks: Rewilding Dundreggan and Tree Nursery Weeks - please visit these pages for further information about the conservation work you will help to carry out. 


Watch this video from volunteer Kim Grant who volunteered on a Rewilding Dundreggan conservation week. 


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Dundreggan is a 10,000 Conservation Estate set in beautiful Glen Moriston, near Loch Ness.
Tree planting is one of the main activities on Conservation Weeks at Dundreggan, to help reforest the barren hillsides.
One of the tranquil woodland lochans at Dundreggan.
A volunteer removing non-native lodgepole pine to help native species grow again.
Dundreggan has beautiful birch woodlands near the Lodge, and some of the most extensive stands of juniper in the UK.
We have a resident herd of wild boar at Dundreggan, which volunteers can help to feed.

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