Basal Eudicots

Total species recorded on Dundreggan: 7


Order: Ranunculales

The order Ranunculales contains 7 families and nearly 3,000 species worldwide, of which 2 families and nearly 50 species are found in Britain. They include buttercups, poppies, clematis, berberis, hellebores and others.

 Many plants in this order contain alkaloids and are poisonous. The petals have evolved from staminodes (sterile stamens) rather than bracts (floral leaves) and the carpels are generally unfused. 

Anemone nemorosa 


This is the largest family in the Ranunculales and has just over 30 British species, including many aquatic species. They are mostly herbs with alternate leaves (except the clematis which has opposite leaves) which are usually palmately lobed or divided.The flowers generally have 5 sepals and 5 petals. They have many stamens and free carpels with a superior ovary.

Common Name

Wood anemone

Marsh marigold

Meadow buttercup 

Lesser spearwort 

Creeping buttercup

Alpine meadow-rue

Globe flower

Scientific Name

Anemone nemorosa  

Caltha palustris 

Ranunculus acris 

Ranunculus flammula 

Ranunculus repens 

Thalictrum alpinum 

Trollius europaeus 


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