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* = Trees for Life Species Profile

Order: Brassicales


Brassicaceae (cabbages)

This is a large and distinctive family, also known as Crucifers or Cruciferae. It includes many common edible species such as cabbage, cress, turnip, mustard, water-cress etc. The flowers are white, pink, purple or yellow. They typically have 4 sepals, 4 petals and 6 stamens, although a few of them have fewer petals or stamens. They have alternate leaves without stipules.

Common Name

Shepherds' purse 

Wavy bitter-cress  

Cuckoo flower

Scientific Name

Capsella bursa-pastoris 

Cardamine flexuosa

Cardamine pratensis


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Order: Celastrales



This family has only 1 British member, which is often now included in the Saxifragaceae family. It is the county flower of the northern English county of Cumberland and appears on its flag.

Common Name


Scientific Name

Parnassia palustris


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Order: Fabales


Fabaceae (peas)

The Fabaceae are one of the largest families of flowering plants in the world with over 18,000 species. They are also known as Leguminosae or legumes and contain many vitally important economic species worldwide such as peas, beans, soyabeans and peanuts. In the UK they have a wide range of growth habits from small creeping herbs such as the vetches to large bushes such as gorse and broom. The flowers all have 5 petals arranged in a distinctive pattern with

Common Name


Petty whin

Bitter vetch

Meadow vetchling

Common bird's-foot trefoil 

Greater bird's-foot trefoil

Red clover 

White clover


Bush vetch

Scientific Name

Cytisus scoparius 

Genista anglica 

Lathyrus linifolius 

Lathyrus pratensis 

Lotus corniculatus 

Lotus pedunculatus 

Trifolium pratense 

Trifolium repens 

Ulex europaeus 

Vicia sepium 


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Common Name

Heath milkwort

Scientific Name

Polygala serpyllifolia 


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Order: Fagales




Common Name


Dwarf birch* 

Silver birch

Downy birch*


Scientific Name

Alnus glutinosa 

Betula nana 

Betula pendula 

Betula pubescens 

Corylus avellana 


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Common Name


Sessile oak*

Scientific Name

Fagus sylvatica 

Quercus petraea 


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Common Name

Bog myrtle

Scientific Name

Myrica gale 


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Order: Geraniales




Common Name


Scientific Name

Geranium robertianum 


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Order: Malpighiales




Common Name

Perforate St. John's-wort

Slender St. John's-wort

Scientific Name

Hypericum perforatum 

Hypericum pulchrum 


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Common Name

Fairy flax

Scientific Name

Linum catharticum 


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Common Name


Eared willow* 

Goat willow 

Grey willow

Dwarf willow 

Bay willow 

Tea-leaved willow 

Creeping willow

Scientific Name

Populus tremula

Salix aurita 

Salix caprea 

Salix cinerea  

Salix herbacea 

Salix pentandra 

Salix phylicifolia 

Salix repens 


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Common Name

Marsh violet

Common dog-violet

Scientific Name

Viola palustris 

Viola riviniana 



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Order: Myrtales



Common Name

Rosebay willowherb

Broad-leaved willowherb

Marsh willowherb

Scientific Name

Chamerion angustifolium 

Epilobium montanum  

Epilobium palustre 


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Order: Oxidales




Common Name

Wood sorrel

Scientific Name

Oxalis acetosella


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Order: Rosales



Common Name

Alpine lady's-mantle

Smooth lady's mantle



Wild strawberry

Water avens


Marsh cinquefoil

Wild cherry 

Bird cherry* 


Dog rose

Sherard's downy-rose

Burnet rose 



Wild raspberry 

Stone bramble


Scientific Name

Alchemilla alpina  

Alchemilla glabra 

Crataegus monogyna 

Filipendula ulmaria 

Fragaria vesca 

Geum rivale 

Potentilla erecta 

Potentilla palustris 

Prunus avium 

Prunus padus 

Prunus spinosa 

Rosa canina  

Rosa sherardii

Rosa spinosissima 

Rubus chamaemorus  

Rubus fruticosus agg. 

Rubus idaeus 

Rubus saxatilis 

Sorbus aucuparia 


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Ulmaceae (elms)


Common Name

Wych elm*

Scientific Name

Ulmus glabra 


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Common Name

Stinging nettle

Scientific Name

Urtica dioica 


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Order: Saxifragales

Saxifragaceae (saxifrages)

Common Name

Yellow saxifrage 

Stary saxifrage

Scientific Name

Saxifraga aizoides 

Saxifraga stellaris 


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