Moving to Stage 2 for Esmee Fairburn funding


The Esmee Fairburn Foundation has invited the project to progress to the second and final stage of their funding process. This gives us real encouragement that we can start a detailed project development stage in the first half of this year. We want to strike while the iron is hot and are planning to submit an application by the end of January. Indications of support before then would be particularly helpful to the funding bid.

The next stage of the application needs us to show a good level of interest in the project. Many thanks to the twenty of you who have already signed up. This is a great start and we’re now really hoping for the interest to push on. All you need to do to join is send me an email to confirm your interest or fill in the attached letter.

Early interest in Affric Highlands carbon

Our friends at Rewilding Europe have built a strong network of contacts in carbon offsetting over the years. One of the biggest carbon brokerage firms, South Pole, has already expressed interest in the possibility of an Affric Highlands carbon product. I’ve also been approached by another firm called ClimateCare who are very keen as well.

We know from trading Trees for Life accredited carbon at Dundreggan that Scottish carbon is in fairly short supply. There is a real demand for home-based carbon from UK companies wishing to offset their emissions. We also know that companies are prepared to pay more for carbon from native woodlands and peatlands which are contributing to nature restoration. With this in mind, developing an Affric Highlands carbon product will be one of the first tasks to focus on when project development gets underway.

Online workshops

I am keen to develop a shared view of what Affric Highlands can achieve and where it can most benefit you. One way we can do this is to run online workshops to look at specific topics that you would find useful to explore further. I’m envisaging workshops that might last an hour and give you a chance to hear from specialists about how investing in particular possibilities could benefit nature, communities and businesses here. The topics could include the likes of regenerative livestock farming, wild food, engaging young people, carbon and sustainable timber supply for local use. More on this to come, but please let me know if there is anything you would particularly like to focus on.

As ever, please drop me a line if you want to find out anything more about where Affric Highlands is at and please feel free to share any project news with anyone who might be interested.