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Planting Trees to Re-Wild the Scottish Highlands


527 trees
100 trees
We are planting these trees to celebrate Stoane Lighting's Park Event. Midton are delighted to be taking part in this years Park Event particularly because of the strong focus on sustainability and circularity in both design and manufacture. Together we can make this world better.
Donated by Midton
96 trees
We are delighted to be planting so many trees this month, hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
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46 trees
Donated by Midton in thanks for orders received through February 21.
Donated by Midton
70 trees
These trees are donated on behalf of our wonderful clients who have continued to buy their products from Midton during these difficult times. Thanks you.
Donated by Midton
53 trees
This donation is funded by order placed with Midton through November/December 2020. Thanks to all our clients that have continued to order through what has been a very turbulent time.
Donated by Midton
54 trees
Donated by Midton on behalf of all our clients and partners that have chosen to place orders with us during the first month of our tree planting. 11/10/20 - 08/11/20
Donated by Midton
50 trees