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So, we like cows. Now that's obvious. But why? Well, they're friendly, and we like friendly. We're also nerds for many reasons, so go figure, right? Before I dive into the sales pitch (yes, it's coming...), I wanted to take this opportunity and thank everyone who contributes to the better tomorrow by any means. It's SO IMPORTANT that we take care of our planet that each one of you deserves a medal. Dziekujemy! OK, back to the sales pitch... The team at Nerd Cow builds fully user-tested websites through a series of workshops. We're the first web design agency in the UK to use the power of design sprint to deliver impactful websites for businesses. Our websites tackle serious challenges that most businesses face every day: low conversion rate, low engagement, lot of page drop-offs or bounce backs etc. We offer great value and undivided attention. We've been lean and digital since the beginning, so we don't overcharge our clients for the "busy work" or the "agency fees". We focus on bringing the most value through your doorstep as soon as possible. Our flat-fee billing model is simple and helps our clients to manage their budgets and plan projects. Finally, it's so incredibly easy to work with us. We run projects that are fun (be prepared for GIFs with cats!), yet professional and flexible. Forget about the endless feedback loop, the tug of war with the old agency. Want to hear about our process? Watch this 30 minutes webinar where I explain it all. Have a question? Well... you know what to do :)
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