The Woods-Soudry Families

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A Grove to represent the solidity and durability of love between Katie Woods, Luc Soudry and all their family and friends: Together we can conserve the world's wild, natural spaces for the future.

This grove of trees will always hold a very special place in our hearts and we hope that all our family and friends will feel inspired to contribute to its growth over the years. This will not only be an ever present reminder of our love for one another but also an expression of our profound passion for our wild, remote areas and our native woodland and wildlife. Words can not describe our depth of feeling that these areas need to be preserved and protected for the future and we hope that this passion will be held within the trees that we are planting.

You can contribute to our grove by purchasing trees via the website for just 5 pounds each. Each tree will strengthen our unity and keep our spirits close even when we are miles apart.

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