Stuart and Mary's Family and Friends

In Celebration of Love
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This Grove is to celebrate the wonderful life we are sharing and our love for our family, friends and Scotland's nature and wildlife.

We hope this special Grove will provide a meeting place for ourselves, our relatives and our friends.

When any of us are feeling lonely or nostalgic we can visit the Grove and feel that bit closer though we may be far apart.

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Remembering with love and affection those family and friends who are no longer with us. Stuart and MaryFor Mark, such a precious son, who has been a constant source of joy since the day he was born. Wishing you every happiness and success in all you do. Love always from Mum and Stu XXFor Mum and Dad (Esther and Barry) in appreciation of your love and encouragement. It was our holiday in Rothesay all those years ago that influenced the decision to make the move to Scotland and life here often reminds me of those happy childhood times. With love Stuart XXDear Adopted Parents - what more can I say than thank you for your love and thoughtfulness. In - laws par excellence. Love from Mary XXFor Ian, June and Stephen - though we can't spend much time together you know we are always thinking about you and miss you. Stephen you are tree-mendous. Love to you all Stu and Mary XXXFor Pim and Ken (USA) - we couldn't be much further apart but you are in our hearts always. For Kim and Ali; Rich, Kristin, Nat and Corinne; Paul and Kelly with our wishes for a happy life for you all. Love from Mary and Stu XXFor Max and Michael with every wish for your happiness and fulfilment of your dreams. Love from Mary and Stu XXFor Rich, Hayley, Dan, Rachel, Harry, Molly and Rory with such lovely memories of the time we've spent together and looking forward to more in the future. Love from Mary and Stu XXFor Trisha, a true friend for so many years, it feels as if we have "grown up" together. We've shared the good times, we've shared the bad times and we love you just the way you are. Mary and Stu XXTo Stu and Mary,Have a lovely Christmas with all our love and Best Wishes.See you soon.LoveIan , June and StephenxxxFor us.To commemorate the day we made our vows, 10 years ago, and to celebrate the joy we have shared in the 15 years we have been together. Looking forward to the next 10!On our 10th Wedding Anniversary.For all the family and friends with whom we shared our wonderful Wedding Day. It was so nice to spend such a happy day with our nearest and dearest all together in such a beautiful setting.With special thoughts for the ones sadly no longer with us.
Donated by Stuart and Mary, Ian, June and Stephen, Stuart, and Stuart and Mary