The Hostel Centenary Woodlandbr /ia commitment to the future/i

1909 2009br /br /Celebrating 100 years of Hostelling around the World
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Photo courtesy/"DJH Westfalen Lippe"

...To mark the birth of the Hostelling ideal...


Many of you will be aware by now that 2009 marks 100 years since the idea and vision of Hostels was first put forward in Germany by Richard Schirrmann and subsequently leading to the birth of DJH - i.e. the German YHA. See here for a potted history :

There are lots of celebrations going on around the world during 2009/10 within the Hostelling movement a highlight being between 24th and 31st October, when DJH have a "100 trees" planting event... see events here and here

"A celebration of the ideal of offering affordable accommodation to all in countryside and town; of encouraging peace, tolerance and social interaction between peoples; and the opportunity to both explore this beautiful world and promote a sustainable future for environment and community." To this end we give thanks to the originators of the ideal, to those who have worked tirelessly over the last 100 years and reaffirm our committment to carry forward the ideal for future generations...

Join us in "a commitment to the future" by planting a tree in celebration of the Hostel ideal and help make 'one hell of a large' woodland a reality both for nature and its people...

Logo courtesy "DJH"

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A TIME FOR CELEBRATION…picture above shows Autumn 2009 festivities at 'Berg Altena' (Germany) - the world's first Youth Hostel, and still operating today !! To the next 100 years !! For all the enjoyment and friendship I have received through my hostelling days. Thanks to Mum, Dad and Tim for many great times Hostelling and the encouragement to "get out there" and explore the world. Here's to the future !! (Tree dedicated on Armistice Day 2009) Happy Birthday Glenice.Welcome back from Oz Eileen. Happy Christmas and travels in 2010 to an extraordinary hostel warden.To the friendships made and joys of hostelling in the Little Hostels with the Big Hearts. John
Donated by Simon Neal, Sarah Upton, and John