Grove for the Sweeney family and friends, Christmas and New Year gift 2007/2008

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This grove is for our children, Joe and Fern, us Lynne and Sweeney (Steven). For Grandma Pat and Grandma Betty and our fathers who are no longer on the physical earth, Granddad Nick and Granddad Jimmy.

Also it is for Adelle, Daniel, Natalie (Sweeney's big kids) and Connor Sweeney, our grandchild.

For our brother and sister Mark and Susan and their families too.

For our uncles, aunts and cousins too.

We would also like to mention some of our special friends, Diane Bruggen,

Anne-Marie Maslin, Mel Letham. Also Kathryn Harriman Elsebeth Duncan and Liz Masson

For the artists and dancers we love too, Clare Galloway, Maggie Campbell, Beth Harbinson, Linda Millar and Ingrid Fraser.

Nick Porter, 1946-1999

In memory of Nick Porter.

A loving husband, dad and granddad and missed by us all.

"Wrap me up in me oil skins and blankets

No more on the docks, I'll be seen

Tell me old shipmates,

I'm taking the trip mate

And I'll see you some day

In Fiddlers Green"

Jimmy Sweeney, 1930-2005

In memory of Jimmy Sweeney.

A loving husband, dad, granddad and great granddad missed by us all.

"The sun has got its hat on

Hip hip hip hooray

The sun has got its hat on

And it's coming out today."

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There is a tree for you in the Sweeney grove. The tree will grow and bring positive energy to the world and it will grow even when our bodies, relatonships or life energy withers away and dies. Please feel free to add more trees for you and the people you love.A tree has been planted in memory of Stuart Sinclair Daylight is fadingDarkness draws nearAutumn leaves all but fallenWhispering the time is nearTo lay your head on my kneeLet go all life's troublesAnd begin to dreamOf good times With those you hold dearAllow the pain to wash awayIn a few salty tearsRelease Peace is with you now
Donated by Lynne Sweeney