Ali and John Reid's family and friends

For Betty Cameron

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We are starting this grove in memory of Mum, Betty, who loved her garden and trees especially.
And Dad, John, who was not so keen but would love this idea.

Also for Jill who loved looking at her garden while Philip worked in it!

And our great friend and neighbour Les, who's knowledge and passion for the outdoors
and his garden is greatly missed.

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This is to mark the marriage of our oldest daughter Kat to James Barter in June 2019
Donated by Ali and John Reid
This is to mark the marriage of Helen Reid to Andy Maggs
Donated by Alison and John Reid
This is to mark Morag and Dean's wedding last year. Morag is one of Betty and John's grandchildren and she and Dean married last year in the Australian outback in Victoria.
Donated by John and Alison Reid
For Pepe, who died in October 2012. He loved his family, each of his 7 grandchildren and his dog Mr MacDougal. He also loved his garden and 'doing the roses'. His last few years were marred by ill-health but we all remember the old bugger, as he was......right.....
Donated by John and Alison Reid
Donated by Dr John Reid
Donated by John Reid