Sprout Marsh Grove

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Below are some reasons why you would want to join together and make this grove something impressive for our future generations to enjoy. Maybe one day we can all go and visit.

Celebrate the lives of all of our family past and present. The ones that will be greatly missed and to the ones we never met.

Remember our much loved pets

Encourage wildlife

Enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Reduce our impact on the earth

Help replace the ancient forests destroyed by big business

Reduce carbon emissions

Support renewable energy and efficiency

Offset our love of flying

Offset our love of driving

To have something to shout back when asked 'are you doing anything for the environment/ about climate change'

To be a real 'Family Tree'

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At the risk of sounding too 'Bob Geldof' - Buy some trees! Victoria In memory of mother May Queeney
Donated by Victoria Morton, and Vivienne Conlon