Sarah Thompson

The North Pom

From Sept 2013
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The North Pom supports Trees for Life
in their efforts in re-foresting.

Our aim is to repay what we take from the environment
in our endeavours by planting a tree
for every 50 of poms sold!


Trees for April, May and June, with love from The North Pom x
Donated by SARAH Thompson
Trees for February and March from The North Pom, with thanks and best wishes to all at Trees for Life.
Donated by Sarah Thompson
Donation from The North Pom for January 2014. Thanks to all at Trees for Life for your wonderful work.
Donated by SARAH Thompson
December donation from The North Pom,Many thanks to Trees for Life for all the wonderful work you're doing.
Donated by Sarah Thompson
November donation from The North Pom, many thanks for all the work you do.
Donated by Sarah Thompson
With thanks to all at Trees for Life from The North Pom, October 2013.
Donated by Sarah Thompson
Donated by Sarah Thompson - The North Pom