John O'Donnell

70th Birthday

21st January 2014
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Congratulations on achieving 3 Score Years and Ten.
Hoping that in another 3 Score and Ten Years this grove will
be flourishing and giving pleasure just as you do!
All my love, Celia


To the Greatest Dad of all. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow for 30 years.Love, Martin and Lorena
Donated by Martin and Lorena
Dear Dad,Family is everythingLove, Kieron & Gayle
Donated by Kieron & Gayle
Dear Dad,Thanks for helping me grow.Love, Nic
Donated by Nic
Dear Dad,firstly Happy 70th Birthday!Even from what (little, I suspect) I know, you have had a life rich in variety and experience, whether it be occupational, educational, recreational or (most importantly I hope, familial, and I am sure, thanks to your what seems to be increasingly active lifestyle you have much more coming your way!Dad, I am sure I speak for my siblings as well when I say that you have been and continue to be a huge inspiration to us through your high moral and political standards, your dedication to each and every occupation or project you engage in, your multitude of achievements both professionally and in your activities in the community, and through your positive approach to life.You provide an essential guiding light to me, and I know I can look to you for invaluable, well reasoned advice whenever I need it.So thank you for being such an amazing father to me for the past 25 years and congratulations on 70 years of making such a positive impact on the world and those around you, and consider this tree as a symbol of the amazing differences you have made to the world.I love you loads Dad!Tom
Donated by Tom
Donated by Celia O'Donnell