Auld Alliance

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our marriageMargaret E. Hunter and James S. Munro

21st December 1963
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We would like to call 'our' grove of trees 'Auld Alliance' for several reasons:

We are having the trees planted to celebrate our fifty years of marriage, so at the personal level ours is an 'auld alliance.' (Appropriately, one of the meanings of the word 'alliance' in French is 'wedding ring.')

As Scots involved in the teaching of French, we have reflected, in our professional lives, the Franco-Scottish link which was the purpose of the historical 'Auld Alliance'

While the name 'Auld Alliance' looks back to our own and Scotland's past, it gives us great pleasure to look forward to the trees themselves being part of Scotland's future for a long time to come.

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Donated by Dr James S Munro