Silver Jungle

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Willows whiten, aspens quiver,

Little breezes dusk and shiver

Through the birches, while the river,

Glistening like a sunlit mirror,

Flows beside our silver plot.

Well, that's the plan, with your help.

Silver Jungle is a small independent publisher producing books for children and sharing enthusiasm for wildlife.

Each book is connected to a conservation project and we have raised over £17,000 so far to protect endangered species in the wild: tigers in Asia, rhinos in Sumatra, a hummingbird in Columbia and monkeys in Nigeria.

I'd Chew Yew! is supporting Trees for Life. For every copy bought directly from our online shop, we will donate £1 to help create a silver grove in the Caledonian forest. We have long wanted to plant a silver jungle and are delighted that Trees for Life can do this for us.


For Patrick and Gabriel

For Alice, Alfie and Maude

For Matthew and Robert

For Anna and Eleanor

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