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Human activity has a significant impact on the natural world, mostly as a result of harvesting fresh water, forests, crops, minerals, agriculture, and fishing. Action is needed to protect the natural world for future generations. This insight has led our company, Serenata Flowers, to strive to take sustainability seriously in every aspect of our work. Serenata are really pleased to help the organisation Trees For Life to safeguard and plant new trees in the beautiful Scottish landscape. We believe this will not only create a beautiful wild forest but also help to reduce the impact of climate change whilst expanding habitats for rare wildlife.

At Serenata Flowers, we are involved in a variety of activities to save and protect the natural world. We plan to increase our support for programmes locally and globally, like planting trees, clean water initiatives, and the protection and reintroduction of species

The vision of Serenata Flowers is to offer the utmost quality at the lowest price. We offer gifts via our online services including flowers, plants, hampers and wine. As an online gift retailer servicing the UK and Irish market, we work to prepare, produce and bring all of our products to the doorstep of our customers in a sustainable way

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