Mindful Design‘s Trees For Life

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Mindful Design are proud of our commitment to a carbon neutral business model, offsetting our carbon footprint, using responsible print materials and sourcing environmentally friendly products. We aim to leave a positive cultural, social, and ecological impact through our design services.

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18 trees
I am so grateful to Trees For Life. I wish I was planting a million trees today!
Donated by Helen Martin
7 trees
We love the earth!
Donated by Helen & Natalie
1 tree
Fran's Cuts are delighted to donate to such an important cause.
Donated by Frances Rumball
4 trees
To the talented Mindful Design Studio- from your client Vanessa
Donated by Vanessa Ruspoli
5 trees
Donated by our Studio Manager, Natalie. “I'm very excited to be contributing to our grove!“
Donated by Natalie Gilbert
13 trees
Donated by Helen Martin of Mindful Design.
I would like to encourage clients to join me in donating a tree to our grove.