Lyons Grove

Clare Lyons

My 40th birthday
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Hello, welcome to my grove which I've set up to plant some trees in celebration of my 40th birthday.
If you would like to join me, please do donate to plant a tree in the grove too.
This will help re-wild the Caledonian Forest, restoring habitats for wildlife
AND helping to tackle climate change.
What a gift! Thank you so much. Love Clare xx

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Happy Birthday to our dear chum, Clare !!!xxxx
Donated by Archibald Spencer - King of The Dogs
Happy 40th!
Donated by Sarah L
Happy 40th Birthday Clare.
What a wonderful legacy you are creating
to celebrate your life so far.
Here’s to the next 40+ years!
Donated by Fiona & Gwenaël Gougay
Donated by Mark and Carl
Happy happy birthday Clare!
Donated by Bekki, Boris, Clara & Pasha