William F. Burgess & Mary Ellen T.N Burgess memorial grove
April 1923 - Feb 2018 & April 1923 -June 2009


Where birds and mammals visit every day

Wild flowers and roses sway gentle in the breeze

There lies two very special people

That we love and miss each passing day

Bill and Ellen as they were known to all 

Have now reunited together to watch over us


Bill & Ellen both completed very eventful lives,

“Bill” with his love for the highlands would cycle all over Scotland in his youth sleeping overnight in
the wild or at a youth hostel. 

“Ellen” from an early age was sent from her home in Glasgow, to work as a scullery maid in
the South of England at Arundel Castle. 

Until the 2nd World War started changing both their lives for ever, both becoming active 

Service personnel.   “Bill” took charge of many situations and earned respect from all that knew 

him, this continued into his married life as head of the family.  “Ellen” touched many people 

throughout her life and all will feel the loss of this bright cheerful spirit, it is fair to say the day 

was always brighter in her presence. They are both deeply missed by all.


In memory of a loving pair who are greatly missed by their daughters, sons, grandchildren,
great grandchildren, friends and family members.



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From Ken

Donated by Ken Burgess

28th January 2019

Unfortunately, your old Polo VW car has called it a day but "WeBuyAnyCar.com" were able to give some cash for trading it in, which we felt was only right to add to your grove.
Miss you both every day.

Donated by Ken, Denise, Steven & Heather

12th August 2018

Happy Birthday Dad,
as you no doubt can see the family are doing well but they are all missing you & Mum

Donated by Ken, Denise, Steven & Heather

4th July 2018

Mr and Mrs Gilson

Donated by Gilson

26th April 2018

Mr and Mrs Diddams

Donated by Diddams

26th April 2018

I have a thought for you every day,
quite often a laugh remembering something you said or did.
Happy Birthday Mum

Donated by Ken

23rd April 2018

We think of you and miss you everyday. You really were a very special couple,
we often laugh about all the funny things you did. Glad you're back together again.

Donated by Elaine, Isla & Fiona

23rd April 2018

You gave me life; you gave my sons Jamie and Chris life;
you gave my grandkids Monty, Alice, Toby and Imogen life.
Long may the trees of life continue.

Donated by David A Burgess

23rd April 2018

23rd April 2018

Reunited in the land you loved. In our hearts for ever.

Donated by DM Hayton

23rd April 2018

Each day you are thought of and held close to our hearts, greatly missed by us all.

Donated by Ken, Denise, Steven & Heather

13th April 2018

9th July 2009

In a Caledonian Forest we remember one so dear with a tree for us to look on and remember every year.

Donated by K.W. Burgess, and James King

1st January 1970

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
William F. Burgess & Mary Ellen T.N Burgess grove
Trees in this grove: 133

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