Eddy Mellor and Lowri Harrison's wedding/partnership grove
11th September 2010

Eddy Mellor and Lowri Harrison grove

To celebrate our wedding on the 11th of September we wanted to do something for the environment and to make the world a greener place. As we both enjoy exploring woodlands we have set up this website instead of a gift list. Please make donations to add to our woodland and help restore British forests.

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Congratulations Lowri and Edward. With love from Aunty Olive XXX

Donated by Olive Marshall

7th February 2011

Donated by John Chipperfield

1st October 2010

Best wishes for your future together. Love Ruth, Adam, Iona and Conwy

Donated by Mrs RE Meredith

13th September 2010

Congratulations and best wishes. Love Willie

Donated by Mr we vergette

13th September 2010

To Eddy and Lowri, Love, Happiness and most of all TREES! looking forward to tomorrow lots! love Fleur, James, Angel and Eden

Donated by Fleur Mellor

13th September 2010

Eddie and Lowri, wishing you every happiness on your wedding day and always. Love from the Blatherwick Family

Donated by Neal Blatherwick

10th September 2010

Eddy & Lowrie We hope your love and happiness blooms and grows all through your married life together. All the best for the future. Pat & Jack Beveridge, Fife, Scotland

Donated by Mrs P A Beveridge

10th September 2010

Eddy and Lowri We sort inspiration on the message to give, in the reject pile went- "save a tree, eat a beaver". Doesnt fit with the vegetarian ethos. Instead we decided to go with: "he who plants a tree, plans a hope" Wishing you all the happiness for the future. Love Richard and Kenny

Donated by Richard Fletcher

10th September 2010

Eddy and Lowri - "When you go down to the woods one day, you will be sure of a nice surprise. A super grove of trees galore, for both of you to climb and explore." Wishing you health, wealth and a forest full of happiness
as you start your married life together. Love from Owen and Gwen

Donated by Mrs G Owens

9th September 2010

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals and hooray for trees! David

Donated by Mr D G MELLOR

9th September 2010

Best Wishes from Ian and Yvonne Miller and your wedding.

Donated by Ian Miller

9th September 2010

Congratulations and our very best wishes for a long and happy future together, with love from Ellen, Bob, Aunty Rosemary and family

Donated by Mrs E Webster

9th September 2010

Congratulations Eddy and Lowri on your special day. Love from Kathryn & David

Donated by David A Redfern

7th September 2010

Eddy and Lowri, many congratulations for a happy and successful future together ;-D Best Wishes Steve & Moira Davies

Donated by Mrs Moira Davies

7th September 2010

WARNING - PUNS AHEAD! Many Conkeratulations!!! It took us a while to twig what to get you and we bow to your decision to branch out in this direction. We knew we could leaf it to you to pick a pine present, fir do s to you! Lots of love, Ceri & Peter xxxx

Donated by Miss Ceri Owens

7th September 2010

Looking forward to your celebration. May your love grow as deep as the roots of the trees in your grove. Love Nana XXX

Donated by Rhoda Street

6th September 2010

Wishing you both every happiness for your future together Maureen,Freddy and David Gifford

Donated by Maureen Gifford

6th September 2010

To Eddi and Lowri Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both for a long and happy future together. Gwen and John Newell

Donated by Mr J Newell

6th September 2010

Congrats on the wedding you guys. You should definately climb the trees when they are bigger at a special wedding anniversary! Love Tess and Mike xxx

Donated by Mrs Tess Warburton

6th September 2010

Looking forward to helping you to celebrate your wedding day, thank you for inviting us, and very best wishes for the future. Just glad we do not have to gift-wrap the tree! Pete & Audrey Morris

Donated by P.J Morris

3rd September 2010

Wishing you every happiness in your future life together - and many happy years of exploring. Love Mum and Dad (Iola and Jeff)xx

Donated by Mr J Harrison

1st September 2010

To Lowri and Eddy - wishing you every happiness together. May your love continue to blossom and grow. Love Mum and Dad (Angie and Dave)XXX

Donated by David Mellor

27th August 2010

Wishing you a long and happy marriage that flourishes as strongly as the trees. Peter and Linda

Donated by Peter Wilson

26th August 2010

To Eddy and Lowri with love and brightest blessings for your future together from Marion, John and Aleesha xxx

Donated by Mrs M M S H Kilpatrick

26th August 2010

Donated by Miss LJ Harrison

23rd August 2010

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Eddy Mellor and Lowri Harrison's grove
Trees in this grove: 202

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