A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Tors' grove
My bawbag mates
17 December 2014

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

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I got da hob. You bring da hobby.

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15th January 2019

Lock me up! Lock me up!

Donated by Torz

29th November 2018

Trees are good. Trees are good. County lines geezer's trees are good.

Donated by #Fakeknees

4th October 2018

Twee awduh

Donated by Tors

20th July 2018

Belated acknowledgment of Scott Pruitt's departure. His replacement isn't exactly to be celebrated, but hey baby steps n all that. Maybe Helsinki will be a turning point for the #tangerinetoley

Donated by #Fakeknees

19th July 2018

2018. It never stops until it stops. Big ups right up ya.

Donated by Brighton bump

14th January 2018

Paying it forward for my visit to Furlong Rd. Pershendetje shoku im ....chop chop. I'll report back on the Corazón de Melón

Donated by Cripplestix in the shire

5th January 2018

1)#ActOnClimate (relax), 2)#BlackFridayin3Words (moronic unneeded consumerism), 3)#DroughtShaming (not alcohol - big difference), 4)#NotAScientist - (software bawbag), 4)#drunkerthanyou (see #3)

Donated by Good Ole Climate Change, I'm cold, bring it!

30th December 2017

Tiny hampers are so infinitesimally small that they converge to zero. Apparently.

Donated by Hamperless in Perthshire

27th December 2017

"Tineeee hamperrr..."s all round

Donated by Tors

20th December 2017

Planting trees because... Kelly Craft. 99.9% of scientists aren't wrong Kelly #oneside #trumptwunt #treestrumptrump

Donated by Sair knee? New knee!

29th October 2017

Towards my nappies, can I have some Boreal fluffy ones please?

Donated by Eva

4th October 2017

Eva - these are insurance against you hating us as much as everyone else our age. Hope it works.

Donated by Torz

22nd September 2017

Welcome to the club Eva. Looking forward to you lighting up the world with your magic!

Donated by Yer uncle Martin

14th September 2017

Tree 666 party

Donated by Tors

6th July 2017

The septics have just pulled out of the Paris Agreement. Time to plant more trees. #trumptwunt #treestrumptrump

Donated by Sandwood weekender

2nd June 2017

To the next post truth climatic epic event!

Donated by Trumpet Trousers

25th January 2017

Commemorating 8th Dec 2016 when the new leader of the free world appointed a climate change denier as head of the US Environmental Protection Agency. #treestrumptrump #trumptwunt

Donated by V10 no more

8th December 2016

#treestrumptrump #straygoose

Donated by This is Tors

14th November 2016

Marking another year that Sandwood was dingied. Life's too short. #getoveryourselves

Donated by CO2 max

3rd November 2016

The Horgabost summer seems an age ago! Shieldaig was one to forget...including where the Kindle went. #losingitbutnotinagoodway #langoustineakbar #3rdbaydifferentway

Donated by CO2 max

12th July 2016

Shady euro trees for keys, keys, quays, sleaze and unease.

Donated by be right on. it.

12th July 2016

Expressing Harris absentia grief with treez

Donated by Tors

6th June 2016

Scampiooooo shenanigans!

Donated by CO2 Tax

25th April 2016

Post Solway Shenanigans - enjoying my rest and recovery back at work.

Donated by CO2 max

22nd April 2016

Not the tamest drain train, but looking forward to the Leuchars leg rinse

Donated by Tors

24th March 2016

Happy spring time !!

Donated by CO2 max

17th March 2016

Double dunt

Donated by El Tel

15th February 2016

Time to step it up.

Donated by Xany business class retiree

10th February 2016

doing it for the kids

Donated by wanwee bawbag

22nd December 2015

Granny's WB2015B hoofprint - heathens's bleatings!

Donated by my ghetto still waiting

21st December 2015

WB2015B:No marginal gains. 5.2l V10 taxis, AV excellence, the missing radge, tartan heather, vegan surprises (aye right), phablet trays and the full Lorne trumping a granny. You had to be there.

Donated by CO2 max

18th December 2015

Happy Heathen's all - laser units, making nature better

Donated by This is Tors

18th December 2015

Happy Xmas Tors Bawbag Grove from the round da world crew!

Donated by The Missing Radge and Radgess/Princess.

17th December 2015

Preemptive Meatopia madness payback - planting trees like we're bigger than euro CSR wannabes

Donated by CO2 max

11th September 2015

Ton up Tuesday

Donated by Tors

5th August 2015

Bank holiday burning bunker mushroom mangle #24hoursleeprocks

Donated by CO2 max

3rd June 2015

Marking the occasion of the post family-care garlic infused wibblefest. And the output of the Kilwinning-Stewarton express.

Donated by CO2 max

15th April 2015

Christmas gift for my bawbag mates, WB15 penance, and thanks for North London late lunches, all in one.

Donated by Bossing da grove, my own ghetto can wait.

17th March 2015

Owning da forest

Donated by This is Tors

12th March 2015

Who's Tors? (North London dinner parties rock!)

Donated by CO2 max

11th March 2015

Offsetting WB2015 weekend consumption (my own)

Donated by CO2 max

6th February 2015

Pimp up ya grove.

Donated by CO2 max

19th December 2014

18th December 2014

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
My bawbag mates grove
Trees in this grove: 1150

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