A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Lachlan and Alex's Wedding Grove
Lachlan Robertson and Alex Mullarky
7th July 2016


Since we're in the fortunate position to already have the things we need to start our married life together, we want to put our guests' generosity to good use! By donating trees to our grove, you'll be helping to restore the Caledonian Forest.

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Donated by Neil Christy

25th August 2016

Donated by Neil Christy

25th July 2016

Hello, lovely humans! A massive congratulations on this celebration of you two and your time together - so much love for both of you, and all the best wishes for everything to come. xxx

Donated by Megan Forbes

7th July 2016

Congratulations! It's not everyday that your mother marries your son & I think its probably a first for the forest. You're a beautiful couple and an equally beautiful adventure awaits.I love you both.

Donated by Katherine Weight

7th July 2016

Congratulations!! I am sure you two amazing adventurers will have a wonderful future together, so happy to get to celebrate with you <3

Donated by Mathilde Johnsen

7th July 2016

Dear Alex and Lachy, I hope the whole gang get to visit the grove together soon. I love you both, and am so happy you're building this life together. Lots of love, Cara xxx

Donated by Cara Mahoney

7th July 2016

Such a beautiful idea. Hopefully one day I will be able to stroll through the Mullarky-Robertson Grove. Excited to see you for the big day!!!

Donated by Neil Christy

7th July 2016

Love, long life and happiness to you both!

Donated by Nana and Grandad Mullarky

4th July 2016

What a great idea. We are members of the Woodland Trust and were walking in a fantastic, historic yew tree forest only yesterday. Maybe we'll make it to your grove one day! Lots of love to you both.

Donated by Cathy and Jim

1st July 2016

To my dearest friends, Congratulations! There's just one week to go and I can't stop smiling when I think about! All my love, Katharine xxxx

Donated by Katharine Philp

1st July 2016

To a fantastic couple, wishing you both the best in your married life! May the trees grow strong like your love and shelter Legolas forever. All our love xxxx

Donated by Katie and Sebastian

29th June 2016

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and adventure! May both your tree grove and your love flourish forever! Can't wait to see you soon and celebrate! All my love!

Donated by Caterina Isabella Giammarresi

29th June 2016

I hope these trees grows up to be healthy and strong, and will flourish as long as your marriage! Much love to you both!

Donated by Hannah Risser

29th June 2016

Donated by Lozzie

20th June 2016

Congratulations both & see you soon! Love, Daisy & Will

Donated by Daisy & Will

6th June 2016

Dear Alex and Lachlan,

Congratulations on your wedding. We will be thinking of you both. Have a wonderful day with your friends and family.

All our love, Malcolm, Sally Glenice, Elle and Wesley. XXXXX

Donated by Malcolm, Sally & Glenice Robertson

1st June 2016

Dear Lachlan and Alex, Congratulations on your wedding. It is unfortunate that I cannot be in attendance. It should be a fantastic day. Wish you all the best! Love Pa xxx

Donated by Alex Robertson

30th May 2016

Dear Alex and Lachy, a super idea. We can't wait to see you in July. Lots of love from Ellen, Tim and Nathan. XXX

Donated by The Weirs

19th May 2016

Thought your grove might like a little pre-wedding Christmas boost! (More carbon neutral than trying to send a Christmas gift half way around the world!) Can't wait to see you both in July and Nov!

Donated by Jennie and Dave

14th December 2015

Donated by Alex Mullarky and Lachlan Robertson

27th July 2015

Trees for Life is reforesting the Caledonian Forest. We thought it would be a lovely symbol of our marriage to help the planet in some way and since Scotland is where we met as well as a beautiful country we both love, it seemed fitting. We urge you all to read Feral by George Monbiot if you're interested in the environment and particularly rewilding. At the time of writing Lachy and I both work for a conservation charity and we’re passionate about restoring the environment, so a donation to Trees for Life will mean a great deal to us both.

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Lachlan Robertson and Alex Mullarky's grove
Trees in this grove: 183

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