A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
The Jolly Jock living memorial
Jock Richardson
27/11/51 - 1/12/16


To celebrate the life of entertainer and musician 'Jolly Jock' or Jock Richardson.
 He wanted his friends and family to plant trees instead of giving him presents for his 65th birthday

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Janet Richardson donationHappy Valentines Day my love xxx

Donated by Janet Richardson

14th February 2018

You brought joy & laughter to so many lives...Mother

Donated by jean Richardson

30th January 2018

Janet Richardson donationa belated birthday and Solstice present my love xxxx

Donated by Janet Richardson

19th January 2018

Donated by Andy and Katy and Baby Lennon

1st May 2017

Janet Richardson Sykes donationThis makes 65 in your grove, there's more been planted in Arizona, Australia, Norway and the UK by your friends. xxx

Donated by Janet Richardson Sykes

27th March 2017

If these trees bring to the world just a fraction of the wonder and beauty that he did, then the world will be a better place. I'll miss him dearly but will always remember him with a heartfelt smile.

Donated by Jake Lay

2nd February 2017

More trees from your friends at Tai Chi donationwe had another collection so we could buy more trees for you Tai Chi brother

Donated by More trees from your friends at Tai Chi

30th January 2017

Donated by Steve and Ann

27th January 2017

Vashti donationThe name ‘birch’ derives from the same Indo-European root words as ‘light’, ‘shining’, ‘bright’. To Jock with love '

Donated by Vashti

26th January 2017

I love this idea, here's a tree for Jock

Donated by Ronda

16th January 2017

Jock, who gave Joy to Thousands right to the End.

Donated by Murf

16th January 2017

Living on in nature x

Donated by Sue Buckley

16th January 2017

Tai Chi group Haughton Green  donationFrom all your friends at Tai Chi, who's going to tell us where we're going wrong now?

Donated by Tai Chi group Haughton Green

16th January 2017

16th January 2017

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Jock, wherever you are

Donated by Ed

13th January 2017

Donated by Linda Cullen

13th January 2017

Donated by Thomas Jones

13th January 2017

Trees are life X

Donated by Cath and Mavis

13th January 2017

I didn’t really know you,but you made me laugh so many times at your performances.

Donated by Lynne Thornton

12th January 2017

LOVE from the fairies xxx

Donated by JANIS and BEN

12th January 2017

I never met you Jock which is a shame as I believe we would have got the crack, the pleasure will have to wait a while xx

Donated by Shauna

12th January 2017

A Happy Birthday tree for our friend :-) xx

Donated by Eliza, Tony & Zelda xxx

12th January 2017

In memory of the beautiful soul that was my husband, Jock Richardson. Wild thing, you made my heart sing and now the leaves in the trees will sing your name when the wind blows

Donated by Janet Richardson Sykes

9th January 2017

Dear friends of Jock, I've started this grove with 8 trees I would like to get 65 trees planted one for each year of Jock's life these can be bought for £5 each to create a living memorial for him, as we all know he was very ill on his birthday and didn't make his 'plant a tree for me' speech on the day, sadly he passed away without ever letting you all know of this wish. For me, 65 trees would be a start, I would love to know that there was a whole woods out there, hopefully with some of his favourite silver birch. I can't think of a better memorial to someone who loved trees and wildlife so much. Please help me make this happen now. Janet Richardson Sykes

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Jock Richardson's grove
Trees in this grove: 81

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