Caledonian Pinewood Recovery project

The majestic Scots pine, the national tree of Scotland, symbolises the Caledonian Forest. Sadly there are at least 50 locations in the Highlands of Scotland where lone, ancient ‘Granny’ pines are dying as they stand, with no young trees to succeed them. As the pines die, the wildlife dependent on them is lost too.

We are determined to save these vital fragments of the Caledonian pinewoods through our ambitious new Caledonian Pinewood Recovery project.

We already have £150,000 for the project but need to raise at least another £20,000 from supporters to be able to start the work.

Your support now will enable us to:

  • Produce detailed plans on how to save each remnant
  • Work out where pinewoods need to expand so they can survive the threats they face from climate change.
  • Work with the landowners so they can understand how and why the pinewoods need to be cared for.
  • Develop innovative ways to regenerate the forest.

You can help to ensure that young Scots pine trees are soon growing among the ancient Granny pines, providing the next generation of forest.

Please make a donation today to secure the future of the native pinewoods of Scotland.

Thank you for your support.

Any surplus funds raised by this appeal will be used by Trees for Life to fund other activities which help restore the wild forest habitat.​​


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