Sponsor an Acre

Help to restore a beautiful, wild forest in the Scottish Highlands

In 2008, Trees for Life’s supporters helped to buy Dundreggan, a 10,000 acre expanse of land near Loch Ness, to restore native woodlands and wildlife habitats.


It is a very special place, with wildflower meadows and aspen woods along the River Moriston, rising through ancient Caledonian pinewoods to the mires, lochans and heathlands on the higher mountain slopes. The richness and diversity of wildlife we’ve found at Dundreggan is astonishing. Over 4,000 species have been discovered, with some found nowhere else in the UK. This wonderful variety of wildlife results from the diversity of habitats at Dundreggan. Sadly, having been managed previously as a sporting estate, few of these habitats are in good condition. To restore and expand them will take long-term conservation action and sustained funding.

Please help to transform Dundreggan by sponsoring an acre today – acres can be sponsored for £100 per year.

With your gift, for each acre you sponsor, you can help to:

  • Expand Caledonian pinewoods for a huge range of plants and animals from the humble wood ant to the magnificent golden eagle.
  • Create woodland glades and wildflower meadows where strawberry spiders, butterflies and bees can thrive.
  • Protect the wee trees of the montane woodlands which support upland birds and rare insects.
  • Restore wetlands and mires for water voles, dragonflies and damselflies.
  • Link native woodlands across the region to create forest habitat networks where wildlife can roam freely again.