Charles Jarvie Cooper

Charles Jarvie Cooper

28th March 1929 - 28th August 2007
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This grove is a living memorial dedicated to Charles Cooper, dearly loved husband of Helen and daughter and son-in-law Helen and Mike. Charlie loved trees and was always happy being around them whilst playing his beloved game golf. Charlie passed away in August 2007 from cancer and his ashes were scattered at the "crow's nest" tee on one of his favourite courses at his home on the Isle of Arran. Scotland was always home, so it is of great comfort to know that his grove will be planted there. He is greatly missed by all who knew him but will always be with us in our hearts and thoughts and the memories we have.

Your Smile

Even though your body

has gone and I can no

longer touch your face

Your smile will be with

me forever locked inside

that special place

You have made that

journey up to heaven

and may no longer be


But you are always

there in my heart, and

when I need you, you

can always be found

You were such a special

person and your legacy

Will never be forgotten.

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