Will Tweedy

Will Tweedy

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Will was an amazingly courageous boy, forever smiling and making others laugh, even through times of his own ill health.....he touched many hearts and will be hugely missed by all those who knew him.

"Where there's a Will there's a way"

Treasured memories never fade when someone close is gone

for those we've known can never be further than a thought away

for as long as there is memory they'll live on in our hearts day by day

A memory of Will will be a happy one,

leaving an afterglow of smiles, now his time on earth is done,

he leaves lasting echos of fun and laughter along his life's ways

of footie, music, fast cars, on his bike and many happy days.

The grove is to be dedicated to Will's memory by all at Transplant Kids, Catriona & Family

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In loving memory of Luke Biggs, an amazing young man who touched the lives of so many with his wonderful sense of humour, his smile through even the toughest of times & his selfless caring for others.
Donated by Cat, Aaron & Jamie
In memory of the vibrant lass Katherine Nicholson,she shone so brightly, she endeavoured to make all transplant kids feel of worth, she was one amazing young lass, forever in our hearts, she lives on in our memories & in life by planting these trees
Donated by Catriona Hamilton